Friday, May 20, 2011

Why is the End of the World on Saturday ?

Dear insansapinas,


No, Virginia, I am not choking. I am just reading why Camping predicted that Saturday is the end of the world. Sorry for late blogging. I took my beauty sleep to dream if there is any calamity coming. It comes in my dream, sometimes especially if I am full.

This -it-is-the-end-of-the-world-business is a tremendous big business, Matilda. Do you know that for the information dissemination alone, Camping spent more than 100 million dollars. No sh*t. 

So where did he get the money? As usual for cults like this, the members are encouraged to sell their properties and donate to be sure that they will be included among those who will be taken to Heaven.

How did Camping calculate the date? 

Camping cites two Bible passages to determine the date. The Book of Peter implies that the end of the world will occur 7,000 years from the date of the great flood. And the Book of Genesis says the flood occurred on the "17th day of the second month." Taking a look at the Jewish calendar, the de facto guide in that era, May 21, 2011, is the corresponding date. Family Radio predicts that great earthquakes will shake the earth at 6 p.m. on the 21st, continuing for five months.
Is the date Eastern time, Pacific time or time to go and go camping in the boondocks?  In Asia, it is already Saturday. Camping who has predicted the apocalypse in 1994 gave that excuse of miscalculation when the Rapture did not happen. Bigyan nga ng lap top para makapagcalculate. At age 89, I wonder if he is not averse to latest technology. Baka pencil pa ang gamit niya number 2. Round off ang numbers eh.

The Atheist groups are ready to party and many people are inviting others for the Rapture Looting. The world has gone bonkers. 

A friend of mine who was a zealous born-again Christian used to tap me with her bible and told me to remember Rapture. Then she would begin the evangelization, for me to repent so that I may be included among the people who will rise to heaven during Rapture.
I love my friend pero pag hindi siya nakatingin, winiwisikan ko siya ng holy water.


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