Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Rise and Fall

Dear insansapinas,

While the people are busy with debates on RH Bill and government officials are likewise busy with photoops to show that the chief exec and his people are no Juan Tamads, the prices are rising while the economic growth rate is falling.

 While the unemployment rate in the US is rising, the prices of houses are falling.

My friend in Arizona called. She said that the house that she bought two years ago has now a fair market value of US 50,000, a decrease of more than 50 per cent. Two years ago, the house was already a steal for US 120,000; it used to have a value of US 240,000. Now she said, her neighboring house was sold for US 80,000. It is a lot bigger than their home.

Ex-hubby called last Mother's Day to greet me. In the conversation, he also whined that the house in one State which he owned also suffered in value.

The corrupt Filipino politicians and government officials who bought houses in the US from the money they stole from the governmet must be having nightmares. Their investments are falling. 



Arvin U. de la Peña said...

basta ako pabor ako sa RH Bill...........silang mga pumipigil ay magagawa ba nila na mapakain ang ibang mga bata..malalakas silang magsabi na kontra sila kasi ang mga anak nila ay hindi maghihirap o laging may makakain kasi sila ay ang iba ay yumaman pa dahil sa pangungurakot.....

cathy said...

ibs-ibang opinion. iba-ibang dahilan.