Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ads, Book Shelves and Cats

Dear insansapinas,
I am overloaded with the news about showbiz and politics. So what if Prince William and HRH Catherine are going to their honeymoon. Sobra na sila. Tseh. I better find other stuff. 

Web Stuff shared by my brother.

A for Ads
I hate that ad of a car where one of the car owners is a "living dead" who drops some of his body parts around. Eww. What is the message of the ad? Can't get it. 

There were ads several decades ago which can be banned today because of the changing norms in the society.

In hospitals, there are posters which illustrate how a second hand smoke can harm the non-smokers. 
This ad was promoting it then.

Try posting the ad below and wait for the feminist movements to declare war to make it disappear.

See more creative ads that are no longer acceptable in the modern times here.

B for Book Shelves
We got book shelves. The ones that are assemble-it-yourself- type bought from IKEA and mail order catalogues.  

Naah, Virginia, the shelf is not broken. It is an insane design. Just don't invite a person with OCD in your house. He will try to fix it up.

Another creative design is the shelf below.

It is ideal for those who are lazy to stand up to get the book from the shelves. I wonder, what holds the books from falling. 
You can see more book shelves here.

C for Cats
 It was in the news that a dog was used in the covert operation that killed Bin Laden. How come, they don't use cats? The following are just photo illustrations:

Why not? . They can climb trees (but they need firefighters to bring them down) to serve as "eyes" for the troops. They can leap across buildings and gather intelligence as long as there are no mice no distract their attention.

They have nine lives. 

They can become good paratroopers without parachutes since they always land on their feet.  

They have also sixth sense. They will be the first to escape when they sense danger.

They have nine lives. 

See more what cat warriors can do as intelligence operative.


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