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Wedding Dresses, Couturiers, Off-the Rack Wedding Gowns

Dear insansapinas,

My friend's bride will be wearing a Vera Wang wedding gown. Naah, she is not here in the US. She's in the Philippines. She did not see Vera Wang personally to have her gown designed. Vera Wang has stores for her wedding gown collection. Kung baga, off the rack.My friend's sister bought it for her. 

 Kaya yong mga napabulalas ng Wow, wedding gown  ni R regalo  ni V, gawa ni Vera Wang.  Hush my dear, pumunta lang si V sa store  ni  Wang at pumili ng size ng biriterang singer. The prices range from $ 600 up. (tseh)

If you are a reader of fashion pulis, you must have read this article entitled, Letter From a Reader: Bride to Wed in RTW Gown Because of Missing Designer

People who have been reading (sabi nga ni Mommy Dionisia, Hello my Fans, hehehehe, sa akin naman kasi marami ring nagbabasa kahit hindi nila gusto ang blog ko para lang malaman kung humihinga pa ako particularly yong mga inis sa akin. Nwahaha.) my blog know that I have worked with a fashion designer when I was in my tween. So I am aware of the practices of these couturiers especially during months of Wedding--May and June.

First, my reaction on the attitude towards RTW. As I have written in my intro, even Vera Wang's wedding gowns are RTW. They just do not call them Ready-to-wear. For designers, the gowns are termed as collections. (Sabay angat ang kaliwang eyebrow). Off-the-rack is another term for ready-to-wear na pumalit naman sa dating term na ginagamit nila na Hecho derecho. (Sabay igkas ng small finger. Ayaw kasing tumaas ang right eyebrow, sabay tumataas ang left. *heh*)

Now let's go to the complaints of the bride who was charged Php 60,000 for the wedding entourage including the tux for the groom. I agree with some of the comments that the amount was cheap. If they're quality workmanships, Php 60,000 hardly pays for the labor and the materials with some decent profits left.

So these are my assumptions, given that there was a wedding gown and tux produced:

1. The designer is badly in need of money. So sunggab na lang siya at offer pa ng discount, makuha lang ang pera.
2. Most designers do not know how to cost a particular project. For them the receipts are already equal to income.
3. The designer is cash- strapped that he can not maintain and pay high calibre sewers and beaders. So probably, the sewers came and went and he had to hire whoever was available.

The fact that the wedding gown was dirty; it goes to show that many people had worked on the gown. Papalit-palit and the designer is not strict enough to advise them to wash their hands before handling a white material.

That's what is sad with the lives of the gay designers, They are always looking for love. They equate attention and money to love. They are cognizant of the facts that no men will love them if they do not shower them with money. Worse is there are so many men who extort money from gay designers by emotionally blackmailing them. 

Makita lang ninyo ang mga lalaking ito na pag tanggap ng pera ng designer, nakasahod din ang kanilang kamay.

The day does not start until 9:00 pm when the gay designers are out in the bars or some watering holes in Ermita. Some are looking for adventures; some merely drink to drown their loneliness. 

My fashion designer-boss did not use drugs. He also did not give money to his "boy" for him to spend. He gave the money to the family for his "boyfriend's education. But then, he was also out every night with other baklas.

Many a time, he was short of money that he can not pay the salaries of the seamstresses and the cutter. Even his rent for the shop.

But whenever, he could collect, he paid them promptly. 

Some make installments for salaries of their workers. So the workers leave them and work for other designers. Some can not pay the rent. Nagtatago. 

I've got a friend who was the receptionist (may secretary pa siya)  who was used to lying whenever the collector, the landlord and creditors came to look for her boss. SABI niya, WALA PO RAW SIYA RITO.

These were practices years ago and I think they are still practised now. Designers worked for their mentors--designers.  They learned not only the art but also the wrong stuff to survive in this industry.


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