Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Retirement at Employment Agency

Dear insansapinas,

My eyes are still red. Think of a vampire that is ready to strike down your throat. Bwahaha.  Damn that eyedrop they used to dilate my eyes. I may have nightblindness when I was a kid but I started wearing priscription glasess after I gave birth to my first tsikiting gubat. (Noong bata pa ako, I used to wear my mom's glasses, pagenius effect kuno).  It was examination period and right after I was discharged from the hospital, I started reviewing for my final exams. Yes, Virginia, memorizing terms while singing lullaby and mixing formula. The old folks discoraged me from reading. Lalabo raw ang mata. Superstition? Lumabo nga. Exempted naman sa exams. 

But for ten years, my prescription glasses did not change except when there was astigmatism and vanity for me to change the frame of the glasses. Nahhh, I did not try wearing contact lens. Masyadong hassle pag-suot. My friend who was wearing one would shout, don't move to everyone close to her whenever she dropped her contact. Baka matapakan ang kaniyang MATA. hahahaha.

What have my eyes to do with the topic?

Let me tell you Maryland, (katabi ng Virgiina). There was a proposal from  Senator Miriam Santiago to increase the mandatory retirement age of 65 to 70. Nababaliw ba siya? Yong lang retirement age na 65, baka di ko pa abutin, 70 pa. Bakit anong pakialam ko sa Philippines sa retirement age? Abah, may sinuksok ako sa GSIS at SSS. Maliit man yon, puwede pa ring ipambili ng tinapa, tuyo at bagoong. Sarap.

I could have taken the early retirement before I came to the US. One of the strategies of easing out a " problematic" subordinate is to offer retirement. At that time, my superior, the President took advantage of extending to me the offer of the GSIS to get my early retirement. I should have taken it. Now my friends who have taken theirs after a number of  years of service are complaining. They were paid short of the lump sum amount due them.

A columnist wrote that a UP professor is supporting this amendment since she feels that she has still much to offer. But sweetheart, hindi lahat kagaya niya na nag-eenjoy sa trabaho nila because she lives in a UP subsidized home and she does not have to commute every day. There are people who look forward to their retirement, to enjoy life and to enjoy the money they have put aside for their golden years, kahit na ba maliit. Yon yong mga taong kung pwedeng hilahin ang araw para maging Friday na o harangan ng malaking bato ang Lunes para hindi dumating. Yon yong mga taong maraming gustong gawin ng walang pressure at ikasasaya nila. Hindi naman kagaya noon na pag nagretire ka, maggantsilyo ka na lang sa tumba-tumba. 

It does not necessarily mean that when you are retired, you can stop teaching because that is the advantage of the academe, age does not matter. Not unless you are losing marbles and you become more complacent because you feel you have adequate knowledge in your expertise.Or you are like my professor who slept soundly the moment his back touched the chair.

Here in the States where life expectancy is longer, the retirement age is 65. But one can retire at the age of 62 with less 25 per cent from their pension. Medicare however can be availed only upon reaching the age of 65.

When I was working, I bought a lot of books to read but I did not have the time. I have the complete collection of Agatha Christie, Dean Koonts, Sidney Sheldon and other books about politics, economics, religion  and history. 

Now I have the time, I can read two books in one day, that is when my vision is still good.

Employment Agency

If I were the retireables in the Philippines, I would insist that it should be 65. Baka pag retire nila wala ng pera ang GSIS at SSS.

Have  you read the latest from GSIS, they are downsizing the number of Vice-Presidents and other top executives to reduce overhead. Bakit naman kasi kaikangan ang 29 Vice Presdients? I'll tell you why.


Ang pundo ng GSIS at SSS ay malaki kaya nagagamit nila sa mga investments na sila naman ang nakikinabang, Nakita ninyo wala ng maipautang na housing loan.  Tseh.


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