Friday, May 20, 2011

Break-out Kings, Jailbirds and the Bees

Dear insansapinas,
Break-out Kings is a TV series where selected jail inmates are temporarily released to capture break out prisoners. For every jailbreakers they capture, they are given brownie points. Once they finished a mission, they are brought back to their prison cells. This is fiction.

In the Philippines, it is a fact. The capture of the former -Governor Batangas Antonio Leviste who was convicted for killing his aide shows how our judicial system works. He claimed he got a toothache and was looking for a dentist. Sonamagan. Sa Makati pa naghanap.  And the Bureau of Prisons chief is not resigning nor is suspended  and the President believes that he's entitled to due process. Meron na ba siyang inappoint na naalis? 

And all along I believed  the story of my mom about my grandmother who found her kababayan imprisoned in Muntinlupa, A day after, that inmate showed up at the doorstep of my grandma's house to get the message from the family. Asked how he was able to get free, my grandma told my mom that he got powers like Houdini. He can escape anytime he wanted. So I was young then, I believed the story hook and sinker. Blah.

A few years ago, there was an assassination. The case became cold, only to find out that the assassin had a permanent address in Bilibid Prison. Ang mga tanong eh, magkano ba?

The NAIA people will be investigating the swarm of bees that 

disrupted the flights and operations of the airport.

Siguro iisa-isahing tatanungin ang mga bees kung saan sila nanggaling; kung biktima sila ng human errm bee smugglers or wala lang silang matirhan kaya nagsquat na rin sila sa airport.

In 2006, a couple found 200,000 bees inside the wall of the new house they bought. They called the pest control. They had been squatting there for a year.


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