Friday, May 20, 2011

Generic or Branded Contraceptives: Who may not take oral contraceptives

Dear insansapinas,

A year ago, I got an Italian doctor who does not prescribe branded meds if there are available generic of that type. He explained to me that pharmaceutical companies rather allowed their formerly branded products to be marketed as generic once its patent had already expired. Instead of spending more for its research and development a new formula is developed and marketed as a new product with improved ingredients.

The doctor told me that there is no difference in the quality except perhaps in the packaging because branded comes in fancy bottles or packages.

Now the issue is if ever the RH Bill will be passed into law, how will the target population segment distinguish what is branded and what is generic. Will the government  be getting generic at generic price or generic at branded price? Huh?

Women endorsers of the Bill are too old to use the contraceptives. Over over na silang 35. 

Sabihin naman nila, this is not all about contraceptives? They're talking about population and contraceptives prevent pregnancies and pregnancies cause population to grow. Ano ba ang pinag-uusapan natin? Alangan naman yong bagong date ni Pnoy. Ooops.

Wala lang silang masabi kung hindi insultuhin si Manny Pacquiao dahil hindi nagtapos kagaya nila. Pati ang accent ni Pacquiao, pinakikialaman. Di ba nila alam na yan ang accent ng mga taga San Francisco o Bay Area where Pedro is pronounced as Pidro. TSEH. 

Who are those who can not use contraceptives?

1. You are pregnant or are breast-feeding
2. You have a history of blood clots, heart disease, or stroke 
3. You have high blood pressure or are diabetic 

4.  You have or have had breast cancer, liver tumors, or active liver disease 
5 You have migraine headaches with certain symptoms 
6 You are over 35 years old and smoke or are a heavy smoker (?15 cigarettes per day) 
7 You are bedridden or expect to be bedridden due to surgery

Oral contraceptives may have also side effect when used with these drugs:
 Antibiotics, antituberculosis agents, and antifungal agents 
 Antiseizure medications

And the worst effect to some women is that it makes them FAT, FAT, FAT. Arghhhh



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