Sunday, May 08, 2011

Big Bad Blogger Revisited

Dear insansapinas,


When the issue about big bad blogger rocked the blogosphere some months ago, the usual suspects skirted the issue by denying they're paid hacks.

When the noise subsided, they were back again to being "tourists" or people who love to travel and in the process, they come to find good places, good products and good restaurants/hotels. Some of these hotels/lodging inns do not come at par with the article of endorsement they wrote in exchange of all expenses paid travels (kunwari pleasure trips lang nila) and money remuneration. 

Marketman has an article entitled  Still Had Doubts if Companies Really Paid for Blog Exposure???  He published the invitation of the pr firm to join an all-expense paid trip to promote a certain product.

Personally, I won't believe the bloggers' endorsements. They're paid to praise the products thru the articles they write not because they spent time to attend the event. They're paid because they're paid hacks. 

  When I was a consultant, I was being paid for the days of my presence and time spent to meet the clients. Not for the report that I submitted later to put the recommendations in hard documents. These are two different animals. 

Celebrities are paid for their names and reputation.

I may sound a broken record or DVD but I do not care if they make money from these activities. But just like the movie stars and celebrities who are paid to promote the product, they admit that they get paid for pushing the product for public consumption, they should also disclose the payments in their blogs.

Do they disclose that also in their ITR? 


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