Thursday, May 26, 2011

Deny, Deny, Deny

Dear insansapinas,

My friend who is going to marry should not be eating cakes, candies and chocs. Otherwise, this is what going to happen. Toinkkk.

At least I have a reason not to deny myself with  expensive sweets. 
I was not feeling last night so I did not take my dinner. When I woke up, I was shivering. Low blood sugar. It's good that my brother got  a lot of chocs in the ref. The most effective of them is the Lindt Undor Truffles. But even then, today, I have to eat two (takaw talaga) to increase my blood sugar. 


I thought Diok-nos are serious people. They don't make jokes. Now that the Chief of the Bureau of Corrections is in denial that he is responsible for the escape (habitual) of former Governor Leviste, my impression is wrong. He must be Diok-ing when he said that his function is merely policy formulation. Bakit one man committee ba siya or one man staff function who can dictate policies? In every organization, a policy is formulated by a committee or  a group of people who deliberate the pros and cons of policies and the rationale of adoption of policies. The head or the chief sees to it that these policies are implemented once they are approved an become part of the mission, vision and the other blah blah blah of the organization. 


You must be aware of the case of Casey Anthony, the mother who was accused of killing her two- year old daughter, Caylee, several years ago. Muntik ng mabura ang kilay ko ng marinig ko ang defense. That she is denying that she killed her daughter. If convicted, she will face a death penalty. 

The defense said that the death of the Caylee was drowning which has a lesser degree of punishment. Yes, Virginia, dito sa States, punishable yong mamatay ang anak mo sa kapabayaan. The defense team pointed to Casey's father as the one who helped bury his granddaughter to cover up for her death. That Casey's denial  of the death of her daughter can be traced to the sexual abuse from her father. 

So many people wanted out of the jury because it would take them months away from the family especially if they are sequestered. One jury claimed that nobody would take care of his wabbits; the other was no one to take care of his two dogs. Sus. 

Most of those dismissed were the people who expressed bias towards the accused. Kahit ako, madidismiss kasi I could not believe the story of the defense lawyers. Just looking at TOT-MOM, I know she is not telling the whole story. Tseh.


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