Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Sailboat

Dear insansapinas,
Before I discuss budget appropriations, allow me to be nostalgic for a few moments by looking at this picture of Matukad Island (matukad in Bicol is to hike) in Caramoan, Bicol. 
When I was a pre-kinder, my mom used to bring me to the different islands to visit relatives, attend some family gatherings and or meet-the-old-folks that turned out to be the lolas, the aunties, uncles and cousins, twice, thrice and whatever number removed. 

I enjoyed looking at the crystal clear water. My mom told me a story about her adventurous escape from the Japanese soldiers when she was young, just riding a small banca to cross the shark-infested water dividing the different islands in Camarines Sur. My grandmom who was worried was looking out the seas when she spotted a sailboat which was half-submerged in the water. Only the sail and "katig" prevented it from sinking while another boat was pursuing it. Parang pelikula baga. My grandmother only sighed a prayer for whoever was in sinking boat, not knowing it was my mother. My mom told me that she could see the fish swimming around her. The other boat thought that no one would survive in that sailboat so it went back to where it came from. When she emerged from the boat, my grandmother was so emotional that she threatened to "kill" her if she would that stunt again. Para bang sige pag nalunod ka papatayin kita. 

The picture above reminded me also of my near-death-experience when I was only five or six years old. Our house was near the beach. Older kids would walk in the sands during ebb tide. Looking for my playmates and skipping the afternoon nap, I started walking the sands, barely noticing that the water was starting  to rise. Then I saw this small island (not really an island but a place which was not yet covered by water. I stood there as I watched the water started to rise to my chest. Ang lakas pa ng current. Wala namang damo doon, so hindi ako masamang damo. hehehe

Then a man in a boat came from nowhere. He got off from the boat and asked me what I was doing there. I could have responded, I was fishing, pero six years old nga lang ako. The water was only up to his thighs. So he brought me to the shore and since he was in a hurry, he just bid me goodbye. I walked home in wet clothes. I told my mom that I forgot to remove my clothes before swimming. Toinkk. Liar. 


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