Friday, June 24, 2011

What is the difference between elected and appointed?

Dear insansapinas,

Minsan nafifieel ko ang mga reporters/bloggers  o journalists na nagsulat akala nila bobo lahat ang nagbabasa. Kagaya nitong balitang ito:

Kaso, too late na when Ruffa discovered that her  U.S. visa, which was ‘stamped’ sa dati niyang passport, still bore tha name “Sharmaine (her real first name) Bektas.” 
Supposedly nga naman, divorced kundi man annulled na siya from husband Yilmaz Bektas.
Kaya wala na siyang karapatang ‘gamitin’ pa ang apelyido nito.
Her two daughters still use their dad’s surname.

Sigurado naman hindi ito annulment dahil kung magbabasa siya sa isang diyaryo, alam niyang hindi pa granted ang annulment nito

Elected or appointed? 

I am proud when Pinoys achieve something in their adoptive country but to hype it that will border from misinformation to lie just to make an impression is one thing that I am not comfortable with especially if the news is not corrected to reflect the truth.

What is the difference between elected and appointed? Appointed is when someone  points at you and says Ok you get the position while elected is when the people go to the precinct and write your name for a position that you run for. hahaha

In Hercules (saan yon? it is a small town in Costa County where most of the residents are Filipinos. I've never heard about it when I was still in SF) and some cities in California like Daly City (adobo city) and Colma where the dead outnumbered the living, (it is a cemetery Virginia) ,mayors are not elected. During election, only councilors are elected by popular votes and from among the winners a city council is formed. From among the council members, they appoint the vice-mayor and mayor to hold the position for four years. The mayor appointed this year was Joanne Ward who was ousted by recall votes due to a scandal. 

This is a misleading news as far as I am concerned.

With proper motivation, Filipinos can excel in whatever field anywhere in the world. Such is the case of Myrna Lardizabal-de Vera, who was recently elected mayor of Hercules City in California.

The source of the news is the sister's blog who thought that no one can spot the intentional mistake. 

Kahit naman siguro yong nasa row 4 ay magtatanong bakit kailangang magkaroon ng election kung hahawakan lang naman ang puwesto hanggang katapusan ng taon.

It was also mentioned that Allstate insurance is owned by the said Filipina. Allstate insurance is a nationwide insurance company. But a sub-agency can be formed by being an insurance agent. 

This is the news that's closer to the truth.

Filipino American Myrna Lardizabal de Vera has been appointed as mayor of Hercules, California following the resignation of incumbent Mayor Joanne Ward.
De Vera, who was recently appointed as vice mayor, will hold the mayoral seat until end of this year.
In November’s elections, she won a seat as councilor of Hercules, a city with a large Filipino community.The town’s former mayor, Ed Balico, is also a Filipino-American. He resigned from his post last year amid allegations of impropriety.

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