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The Violent Nursery Rhymes and the Poor Mango

Dear insansapinas,

This is one of the Tsikiting Gubat's series. I decided to write about them so that when I am gone, they have some stories to tell their own tsikiting gubats. Bear with me.

If you think that the girl and the boy tsikiting gubats were always at odd with another when they were kids, you're wrong. They are perfectly normal with entirely different personalities. The boy tsikiting gubat would not hesitate to speak his mind out while the girl tsikiting gubat has calm demeanour except for her brother who likes to make " buska" just to make his day. I will attribute this difference to that "way" they came out from the same womb. The boy TG was overcooked. I was already fully dilated then and my ob observed that he had no intention to come out, cozy in the uterus even the bag of water already burst. Yon pala SUHI (breech). Naah Virginia, he was not surgically removed. The chief of the OB-GYNE section came to the rescue, made hilot hilot and asked me to make "ire" like I was Jacke Chan doing the karate chop. O lumabas siya. Tigas ng ulo eh.

The girl may have been undercooked. My obstetrecian noted that my blood pressure was exceptionally high during the last term of pregnancy. She suggested that I undergo caesarian section, weeks before the ETA of the stork. Besides, I have been travelling a lot (Yes Virginia, kahit ako ay juntis na) so it was safer for me to have a fixed date. I can even choose the date when a movie star was born. Sus.

But what has this to do with the nursery ryhmes? 

Only a few days ago, there was an article explaining why the Nursery rhymes were written and why they are violent and depressing in nature. (can't find the link). 

When I was a kid, I received a beautiful Mother Goose book and had memorized every single nursery ryhme, my favorite of which were the Old WOman Who Lived in a Shoe and Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Peckled Pepper. Come to think of it, that rhyme about the woman is a good ad for RH Bill. (hahaha). I did not realize that the verses suggested violence. For children, they were just rhymes. They do not even undertand the meanings of the words.

When my boy tsikiting gubat was in the nursery, they were made to recite the nursery rhymes. After Jack and Jill, he rose and asked the teacher. 
TG:" Ano ang ibig sabihin ng hill, Miss__? "
Teacher: " Maliit na bundok" Bakit?
TG: Tanga siguro yong naghukay ng balon. Bakit ilalagay sa hill tapos aakyatin?"
Teacher: " Baka doon kasi may tubig. "
TG: " Ah ? Bakit di sila gumamit ng pump. Kami may pump."

Siguro kung pwede lang tirisin ng teacher ang TG, gagawin niya.

TG" Isa pang tanong. Bakit yong kuna ng baby nasa puno? Paano nailagay yon don?" Yong kuna ko pinamigay ng mommy ko kasi malaki at nabigat daw."

The Poor Mango

As I have said while the boy would ask questions for things that confused him, the girl would just keep quiet.

Contrary to the belief of some, my being a career woman did not prevent me from being a hands-on mom (well almost).  There was a policy in the school of my girl Tsikiting gubat to show the test papers to parents and have them signed to acknowledge that they were keeping track of their children's class standing and or performance. My TG was running for honors then (ahem, may pinagmanahan, buti na lang sa nanay nagmana, etcetera,etcetera) so I was not surprised to see her papers with perfect score EXCEPT ONE where she got a 98 per cent. I called her and the brother was in her tail. Gusto na namang makaalaska. They have a big gap because of a miscarriage in between them.

Sabi ko bakit, 98, anong mali mo?
Girl TG: Tingnan mo mommy yong number 8. Inilagay ko eggplant pero mango daw pala yon.
Boy TG: Para namang mango na wala ng buto yan. Baka kinain mo.

Girl TG stuck out her tongue to her brother. 

Tiningnan ko nga ang drawing, eh mas mukha ngang talong. The teacher did not have to be a Van Gogh to draw a simple mango. So I wrote a lengthy comment on the paper.

From then on, they were careful in drawing and preparing tests. 


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