Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father of the Fathers

 Dear insansapinas,

There are many male celebrities who fathered children from different women. The names Salvador, Revilla, Marquez, Sotto will be remembered not only for their contributions to the movie industry but also to the population as well. It is a known fact that Dolphy, the King of Comedy  has several children and he was known to be generous to them. 
Who were these women and who are his children? During his 80th birthday, he identified them in his answers to the 80 questions asked of him by the media. .

1. My first love was Aida Javier who came from a family of musicians.Mahusay siya mag-piano.

2. I met Engracia Dominguez – si Gracia – sa stage show. In our skit, she stood motionless, kunwari portrait, habang kinakantahan ko ng Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa. Nagkaroon kami ng anim na anak – Manny, Salud,(Sahlee)
Rodolfo Jr., Freddie, Edgar and Raul.
Gracia and I separated in 1963.
Freddie died in 2005.
Dolphy, Jr. was imprisoned for years until he was pardoned by the Joseph Estrada. He is now a preacher.

3. I fell in love with a fellow Sampaguitan but I’d rather not reveal
who she was. Sa amin na lang ‘yon. She’s now in America.

4. I met Gloria Smith in 1956. Nagkaroon kami ng apat na anak –
Mariquita, Carlos, Geraldino and Edwin.

5. I met Baby Smith. Artista rin siya, Pamela Ponti ang screen name.
She was 17, I was 36. Nagkaroon kami ng apat na anak – Ronaldo,
Enrico, Madonna and Jeffrey.
Enrico is Eric Quizon.
while Jeffrey is Epi.

6. In the late ’60s while we were shooting in a hospital, I met a
nurse, Evangeline Tagulao. Nagkaroon kami ng isang anak. Nasa States na sila ngayon.

7.I met Pilar Pilapil in 1969 when we shot Tayo’y Mag-Up, Up and
Away in Rome, Paris, London, New York, Hawaii and Las Vegas. That was two years after she won the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe title. We almost got married. Ayaw ng parents niya.

8. Then, I fell in love with Lotis Key. I also almost married her.
Ang mga babae ko, kadalasan nagkakasabay-sabay, nag-o-overlap sila.

9. In 1981, I met Alma Moreno. We have a son, Vandolph. Why did we
break up? Ayoko na lang mag-elaborate. Basta, nahirapan ako sa
lifestyle niya.

10. Nang naging kami ni Zsa Zsa, nabulabog ang buhay namin. Nawalan ako ng show; tinanggal ang mga commercials ko. At that time, we seriously thought of living in the States. Nakabili na nga kami ng bahay doon, eh.
11. Zsa Zsa and I have a daughter, si Zia. We also have an adopted
daughter, si Nicole who was just a few months old nang ibigay sa akin ng nanay niyang Amerikana. Nasa Hizon’s ako noon.

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Dolphy, thanks for the laughter! You will always be remembered!