Monday, June 27, 2011

Tuko and Facebook Friends

Dear insansapinas,
One thing that scared when I was a girl was the sound of Tuko, tuko, tuko. During the nights, you will hear the kuligligs, the frogs (ribitt, ribitt especially after the rain) and the tuko. 

The old folks scared me more when they told me that the instant, the tuko bites you, it will not let you go until you show it "isang bilaong ginto" That much? Where am I going to get the gold?

photocredit: pinoyboats

I left Bicol without seeing one; only the noise TUK-O.

According to the news, foreigners are willing to shell out $ 200,000 for a 400 gram tuko meat. The natives are now hunting for tuko that may result in its extinction. The amount must be too high just like the story of my grandmother about isang bilaong ginto. Some locals who are into illegal trading of tuko claimed that the going price for this moquito- and- other insects terminator  is only up to Php 75,000. Malaki pa rin yan ah. 

Here in the States where there are no house lizards, I mistook the Gecko, the supposed to be spokesman of a big insurance conpany for lizard. But this gecko is worth millions if not billions of dollars.

Friends in Facebook (forwarded by my brother).
A man who held a hostage for 16 hours updated his Facebook account during stand off. He added new friends and communicated with his friends listed in the Facebook. Parang gusto kong iuntog ang ulo ko. Pafacebook-facebook pa. 

In another twist, some of Valdez's Facebook friends allegedly aided him during the standoff. One friend alerted Valdez that a SWAT officer was hiding in the bushes, prompting Valdez to reply, "Thank you homie. Good looking out." Other friends pleaded for Valdez to "do the right thing." Police stated that they are reviewing whether any of Valdez's friends should be arrested for obstructing justice.

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