Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Wave that launched a hundred costumes

Dear insansapinas,

My boy Tsikiting gubat just like any other boys went through that phase when they do not want to be kissed in front of their friends. He would run to the bus faster than a champion sprinter just so he can dodge my peck on his check.  Nahihiya sila sa kaklase nila at ayaw matuksong mama's boy o wimp. You know boys. 

But this dad did not care. He was not kissing his teenage son though, he was waving to him as the school drove by--IN DIFFERENT COSTUMES everyday to the embarrassment of his son. But I find it cute and loving. Mahirap nga lang magpalaki ng ama --siguro ang isip ng anak (forwarded to me by my brother).

 The story of an American Fork dad — who wore a new costume each day for the entire school year, to the embarrassment of his son as the school bus drove by — has gone viral.
The family's 15 minutes of fame is on track to be at least 15 days of fame.
A story published in the Deseret News on June 3 helped the story make headlines around the world.
During the school year, Dale Price, who is being called the "World's Most Embarrassing Dad," never worried about what the students on the bus thought of his costumes.

But he always wondered what the bus driver was thinking.
Myron Carlson, who drove the bus down Price's street, met him on Friday and told him: "You lifted all of the spirits of all of the kids on the bus."
"Except for one," Price admitted

That one, of course, is Dale Price's 16 year old son, Rain.

What started out as a prank by Price to tease his son, turned into a yearlong event every morning, with a new costume each and every day.
"He always brought smiles to the kids on the bus, we always looked forward to it and enjoyed it," Carlson said.
It's a relief for Price, who often worried about what adults who saw him in costume were thinking.
Price remembers specifically contemplating what the bus driver might think: "'I wonder if he is going to call the police or something, there's some kind of weirdo waving at the bus,' but I saw him smiling and he would wave back."
The bus driver wasn't the only one smiling.
Millions around the world have seen the pictures now, on websites and network TV.
Calls have come from England, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, Norway and Sweden.
It's something Price and his wife, Rochelle, never imagined when they posted the costumes on a blog.


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