Friday, June 17, 2011


Dear insansapinas,

Some days ago, I wrote that someone called my name using my monicker which is known only to close friends.I was asleep then. 

This morning, I found out that my male best friend suffered a stroke. We were thick as thieves during our Graduate School days that people suspected us to be more than friends. Frankly, I would not fall (if I were single, that time) for someone who was more beautiful than I am.  Naah Virginian he's not gay. He is Spanish-American-Filipino that his hair is blonde which he grew long like John Lennon. Except for some pockmarks (sinabi niya tinitiris niya ang taghiyawat niya para di siya mainlove noong teenager siya) his face is flawless. Besides he has a girl friend who became my friend too. Para kaming kambal, black and white nga lang. After MBA, he migrated to the USA. His grandfather was a US citizen. He came back just to marry his fiancee. 

He was supposed to be my boss if I was not diagnosed with C last 2007. 

When I called him up to tell him of my diagnosis, he said that it was not my time yet. Last 2010, he was sent to the Philippines by his mother company. He stayed there for one year and came back in the US for a one year vacation when he suffered a stroke. When I talked to him over the phone, he could hardly pronounce  words but still he was still kidding me. First time he thanked me for my call. Usually greetings between us was TAngna!@#$% naman pare, boses mo parang kinakatay na baboy and he would retort something funnier. "Marinig ko lang boses mo gusto ko ng tumakbo sa restroom...."

We were five in the MBA group and I thought he would be an irresponsible husband/father since he was always late in our meetings and was always sleeping during our sleep overs to write our papers.  But now I realized that he is a very responsible family man. Happy Father's Day my friend. Masama ka ring damo.

We got two ladies in the group: one was a Controller and me, a practitioner and a college professor at that time. There was a male member who was a Vice-president in his company and  who rose to become presidents of companies he worked with after graduating from his MBA. I thought there was nothing gray in his life until his mother called me to advise her son. He was missing in action for a year and I learned that he tried to commit suicide when his beautiful wife left him for another man.
I invited him to teach. He bounced back and started putting up companies again.  Her mother was very grateful for resurrecting his son from the "dead".

He was close to me but the closeness was different. I stayed away to avoid complications. Besides my priority was my children.

The other male member was also a family man. I recommended him for a high position in a university. He is basically good but it was his wife who broke down because of unreasonable jealousy that she haunted even my secretary.

The other female member suffered a big scandal when she was caught in the arms of her boss. She was never able to come back to her career. She belonged to a very conservative religious denomination. 

This best friend of mine was just a newly-graduate of economics then but he was the right hand of the big boss. The big boss asked me to bring him wherever I go as my bodyguard/escort especially when I was asked to conduct audit in a far-flung area. He asked me also to mentor him in accountancy.  His boss was my boss in the consultancy. When he came to the US, he worked as an accountant and not in the area of economics. Now he is the head of the Accounting Department and I could have become his subordinate.
Pasalamat raw ako sa kaniya at tinuruan ko siya.*heh*

One time we were sent to Camarines Norte. The whole night he could not sleep. Ang lalaki raw ng lamok na baka pagnatulog siya buhatin siya. hehehe.

So practically, it is only this  friend who has communication with me since we are both in the USA. He asked me to e-mail him if I were still alive or something happened to me. Paano ako makakae-mail kung wala na ako. So, kaya pala parang narinig ko ang boses niya some days ago para kumustahin siya.

With his condition right now he can still afford to tell me that a miracle might just happen again.


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