Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Separation Anxiety

Dear insansapinas,

Naah Virginia, this is not about a couple separating or sweethearts having lovers' quarrel that leave the woman or the man cry buckets of tears. Yes, Maryland, men cry too.

This is about separation anxiety during the first day in school of the first graders or nursery " rhymers". This is another story about my tsikiting gubats.

During the first days of school of my tsikiting gubats, I did not report to my regular bread and butter provider. I worked on my sidelines at home, although I did not stay in the school since I like the tsikitings to be used to being on their own. Daya lang, the nannies were with them but they were not allowed in the school buildings. They had their own place where they could discuss the latest in the movies or TV or engaged in their hobbies while waiting for their wards.

That morning, I saw my girl tsikiting gubat walked to school with her cousin-sitter. The school was just a block away from our house. It was the only nursery school in the village. 

I had hardly brought out the worksheets, the pencils and the calculator when they were back. My girl was in a hurry. She went inside the house (I was in the patio/garage/office) in a hurry saying mommy, mommy, mommy, dali.

I thought it was an emergency. I was about to follow when my niece came and was laughing. Anong nangyari sabi ko. She wanted to go  pee. But she could not make it at the toilet of the residence-turned nursery school. Namamahay daw. 

The tsikiting gubat came out felt relieved. Para bang Ahhhhhh. It took her months to use the school's facility. 

The boy tsikiting gubat is another story. I did not expect him to suffer from separation anxiety. Parang duck yon, itapos mo sa tubig, lalangoy.

So I brought them to school, the tsikiting and his nanny. The school was a 10 minute drive from home. I went home when the teacher started the class. Before I left, I glanced at him and made a little wave.  Instead of tears, I saw his eyes twinkle. Sabi ko lagot, may gagawin na naman itong kalokohan.

Before dismissal, I went to the school to pick them up. The nanny said that there was a problem. He can't be stopped. What? Crying or what? She led me to his classroom.

Naku ang tsikiting gubat, narmamartsa palibot sa classroom. sinusundan ng mga alipores niya (mga kaklase). Nang makita ako saka lang tumakbo, papunta sa akin. Sabi niya, masaya. He liked school. 


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