Sunday, June 05, 2011

CSI Goes to Caylee's Murder Trial and Kambal Tuta

Dear insansapinas,

After testimonies from parents, former boyfriend, friends and people who know Casey Anthony, the mother accused of killing her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony, the FBI CSI testified on the single hair found in the car registered to Casey's parents which reeked of human decomposition when towed by a trucking company.

The CSI forensic said that the hair belonged to someone deceased and it was like Caylee's hair. The defense team dismissed the evidence as unreliable.

So if you see CSI people picking up even small hair in the crime scene, their purpose was to identify who owns the hair.

The defense team seemed to be holding on to a very weak defense amidst the lies of Casey to  mislead the investigators when her girl was still missing, months before she was found buried near her parents' residence.  

Motive could be the frustration of not being able to enjoy parties, company of friends especially when she got nobody to take care of her child.

We got a neighbor who would put her baby in the "kulahan" whenever, the husband would leave her because of her constant nagging. Luckily, the mother-in-law lived nearby so that she would save the baby from toasting. Dapat yon pinapupulis na eh. She was an asthmatic, ugly insecure woman who emotionally blackmailed her husband by feigning she's sick all the time. When the husband left naman for work, she can move. She would bribe me to buy her something from the store but I avoided her. I do not want to associate with her.

When I got tsikiting gubat, I would leave him to my mother. Kuntodo nakahighheels pa ako, bitbit ang diaper bag, formula and other abubots. 

When I got my girl tsikiting gubat, I would leave the baby girl to my mom for a week since the other help took care of my boy tsikiting gubat while I worked.

My mom would let the baby crawl in a big mat in the living room. Kasama ang isang tuta. Sabi ko noong malaki na siya, kakambal niya. Hati sila sa gatas. Reaction niya. Ewww.

My boy tsikiting gubat would miss her sister so he would ask me to bring her back. Sabi ko naman, pag nandito, inaaway mo, pag wala, namimiss mo. So I exerted double effort to get another nanny.

Husme naman, magkapatid nga ang nakuha ko, pagdating sa TV nag-aaway. Pagnaglayas ang isa, susunod din yong isa.  Sus.Mahirap talagang magpalaki ng househelp at anak.


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