Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blind Item na hilo

Dear insansapinas,

She was the most favored actress at the network she used to reign supreme in. Choice roles were coming her way in torrents and she was definitely pampered and assiduously looked after.
But something happened along the way and she felt kind of neglected when, in her point of view, good roles were beginning to elude her and were being given to new actresses who may be younger and fresher but were not in any way in her league, acting-wise.

So, in a moment of pique, she abandoned the TV network where she practically grew up in as an actress and, concomitantly, had the most memorably poignant episodes ever.

At first, she was assiduously looked after and projects started coming her way.

Unfortunately, her stint with the new network was not an eventful and prodigious one.

Her latest projects had ignominiously flopped and the network she moved into had enormously lost faith in her both as an actress and as a star whom they believed would bring in truckloads of dough.

This, plus some unfavorable developments in her personal life, had made the actress panicky and kind of desperate, she eventually turned into drugs to nullify the excruciating pain that was making her sick at the pit of her stomach most of the time.

Slowly, she had ventured into the degenerate kind of existence that most wasted actresses had gone into.

Before long, she had already become an ignominious junkie whose main preoccupation was popping different kinds of colored pills in her mouth the very moment she would be overcome with stark depression.

It was a good thing that she had a most caring and understanding guy for a husband and he devotedly assiduously nurtured her back to health.

But caring and understanding he might be, he could not alleviate the overwhelming feeling of despondency that his wife felt every time she would come to realize how she had become a veritable failure not only with her movie career but with her private existence, as well.

To be truthful about it, the actress could not accept the fact that she was now an almost pathetic has-been and a goner, as well at the wealth-acquisition department.

Who would not feel tremendously insecure if your eldest sister happened to have found a very good provider in the highly opulent man she is presently shacking up with?

On top of that, her starlet sister who’s not even half as stunningly winsome as she is now lives in pampered luxury and has found a promising career in the world of politics, as well.

If that is not a real tragedy, we don’t know what is.

SATURDAY, 18 JUNE 2011 16:15


Pag hindi pa naman ninyo nahulaan yan, baka cloudy ang utak ninyo. O eto ang wiper.


biyay said...

clauding na nga ata eh. salamat sa wiper

cathy said...

akala ko kailangan mo pa ng paper towel. hehehe