Thursday, June 02, 2011

Carrots, Octomom and Flying Saucer for Sale

Dear insansapinas,

Balita mula sa New Zealand: carrots to stop smoking.
Wellington - New Zealand prisoners are reportedly being offered carrot sticks to help them overcome nicotine cravings as jails prepare to go smoke-free next month.
Yon namang kaopisina  kong babae, nagdadiet. Nagngangatngat lang siya ng carrot. Ang greeting ko sa kaniya every morning ay What's Up Doc?

The Balloon boy

Richard Heene of the balloon boy hoax is offering a flying saucer for auction. Naknaman talaga.

Richard Heene's claim in 2009 that his son was in the balloon prompted live coverage nationwide of authorities tracking the craft while they grappled over how to rescue the boy inside. When the balloon came to rest in a field, however, Heene's son was not inside. The boy later was found hiding in the family's house.
The flying saucer is going to be auctioned online or can be purchased for $1,000,000 outright. Heene will donate the proceeds to  Japan to help it recover from the tsunami calamity. (ano kayang mapaggagamitan ko ng flying saucer? Parang gusto kong magbid...
ng $ 1.00.

After the balloon boy fiasco, he invented a back scratcher.

You may be wondering where Octomom is? 

Nadya Suleman known as Octomom is the single mother who gave birth to octuplets thru vitro fertilization. . All in all she got 14 kids. Her house was due for foreclosure and the doctor who gave her fertility pills lost his license.
She thought that her popularity would bag her a reality show like Jon and Kate Plus. 

The Porn King is offering to buy her house for
one million from the person who holds its mortgage. Tsktsktsk


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