Saturday, October 31, 2009

It’s all in the Family- Part 3 Halloween Series

 Dear insansapinas,
This is a continuation of my pinoy ghost series.This article is a repost from my Now What, Cat?

photoforwarded thru e-mail.

Sister/Nurse 2

When my sister was studying nursing, she stayed with me during weekdays. Our house in Quezon City was too far away from her school. She occupied my first bedroom. I had an extension made which functioned as bedroom/private office for me.

That early morning, I was awakened by loud raps at my door. My wall clock showed that it was quarter to four in the morning. Grudgingly, I reached for my slippers.

As soon as I opened the door, my sister sprang towards me with a single syllable"ghost", coming out from her lips repeatedly.

After calming down, she narrated how she heard a queer whistling sound emanating from outside her room. She saw the door knob moved. At that instant, chills ran in the length of her spine. Her room was in total darkness. Only the light coming from the garage seeped in her screened window with sturdy grills. Slowly, an image began to form. It was a man. Awestruck, she closed her eyes and opened them slowly when she heard the "man" singing. For nearly a minute, she stared at the apparition, unsure what to do next. He was a young man. He got black curly hair and a well-trimmed mustache.
After coming face to face with the ghost, my sister slipped under the covers, afraid that if she got up, she would collide with the stranger. "He's coming to me" my terrified sister thought as the singing grew louder. She started praying aloud, hoping that if it were an evil spirit, it would go away. It did.

Minutes went by and when she was sure that the singing sound disappeared, she ran to my room.

I did not know what to make of my sister's statements. As far as I know, I bought the lot, and built the house that made us the first owners/ occupants thus eliminating the possibility of spirits of the former occupants lurking around. But I did have a share of my weird experiences in that room before I moved to my new bedroom.

Early morning, I did not waste a single minute to make inquiries about the lot where our house stood.

Mesmerized by the story that I told her, the oldest resident of that village remembered that the first owner of the lot was a young man, a seaman who according to the parents who sold the lot to the developer did not come back from his last sea voyage.

I informed my sister of my finding. The description fitted the vision.

I asked her if she wanted to swap room with me or stay with me instead of her room with a single bed.
She gave a little thought to my suggestion and chose the second option. I hoped that the stranger will not make a comeback.

But I was wrong. Hardly had I closed my eyes, after several hours of trying to catch some sleep, my sister burst into my room.

She was a lot calmer. But she said that he was back. Slowly she explained what she did. Before he started singing, she told her that the place was no longer his and if he needed some guidance, she offered to pray for the repose of his soul.

As the ghost disappeared, my sister heard a soft whisper of thank you and a melody slowly fading from the distance.

He never was seen again, until another sister who's visiting for the weekend  occupied the room.

Youngest sister

My youngest sister was born months after my father died. She was only a few months old when she fell from the bed in the middle of the night. She was supposed to be beside my mother when all of us went to bed that night. Every one of us wanted to be my mother's side. We're afraid of ghost.We just moved in to an old house after we left the bungalow where my father died. 

My mom was puzzled when she woke up in the middle of the night not because of my baby sister crying but someone was standing beside the bed cooing. 

It was  my baby sister "standing" by the bedside...propped up by an unseen force. She could not stand by herself. She could not even hold her head yet. 

My mom woke us up to ask who put my baby sister there. I thought she fell from the bed. But if it was so, she would be lying on the floor with all the pillow and her baby blanket.

But she was not aware that yet. She met her real ghost in my place again. I had my new house blessed. They slept over in my house that night. And there she met my resident ghost.

The resident ghost said that he saw light when my house was blessed. Then he disappeared. He thought that he could stay in my place. This was different from the ghost that my other sister met.

And he was not the lady ghost who was fond of hiding things in the house.



Lee said...

tumatayo ang balahibo ko, diko kasi masabi kung sakin (kung sakali) mangyari, actually i believe that the ghost really exist but i dont want to believe it hahaha ang gulo ko no, kasi sabi nila pag naniniwala ka papakitaan ka at pag dika naniniwala e di raw magpapakita...parang baliktad lol.
kaya twing my magsasabi ng my multo, isasagot ko, "sus, di totoo yun,guni guni mo lang yun,pero ang totoo nakatayo ang buhok ko sa batok habang sinasabi ko yun" hahaha

cathy said...

kung minsan nga mga guni-guni lang ng tao dahil may suggestion na na may multo.

minsan naman hindi ka makapaniwala na nangyari yoon na natural sa tao dahil parte ng ating utak ang rationalization pero talagang nangyari.