Sunday, October 18, 2009

Near Death Experience Explained Part 2-Halloween Stories

Dear insansapinas,
If I were a fellow who have not experienced the near death experience, I would have believed the doctor. But as I have said I did not have only one but more than two near death experiences aside from my multiple brushes with danger which could have claimed my lives in my younger days.

I can not tell you what I went through when I was pronounced dead when I was just months old that my parents summoned a priest to give me the first and the last sacraments. My mom told me that after the rite, I just breathed again. 

I related already in my other blog the near death experience when I had a stroke. There was no tunnel nor white light. It seemed, I had not reached that point or my father who I believed took a mission to take care of us when he died was there guiding me.

He seemed to be up on the hill and was trying to reach my hand asking me to hold him. I can't grab his hand. 
There was  big boulder between us. At the same time it was happening, I heard sounds which were emanating from my room. I was back. I ws resuscitated.

The second time that it happened  was during the period when I was under stress due to work related problems. My blood pressure would just shoot up without the usual symptom of the pain in the neck, nausea or headaches. Time and again, they had brought me to the hospital with clammy hands and feet.

There was this incident when I just slipped into a deep slumber (almost comatose state) that I already felt my soul walking towards a group of people who seemed to be waiting for someone. 

I inquired from one of those who were looking at a big Door (it was not a gate) who are they waiting for? What am I doing in that place ? Someone responded that it was the Other Side. While I was not talking, there were answers to my questions. I was there because I had this wish to end it all. I was already due when I was a kid but extensions were made as loved ones prayed for my safety and long life.

Then the Door opened and there was  the White Light with a fathomless glow. I did not see anyone beyond the White Light but the energy and power were overwhelming.  

The people started walking towards the White Light. I paused. I thought of my family. Was it already my time or was it just a preview?



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