Friday, October 02, 2009

Relief Operations and Scumbags

Dear insansapinas,
Distribution of relief goods by celebrities in a relief center-

Boss anong oras ba mamimigay ng relief goods ang mga artista?

Mamaya pang kunti, hinihintay pa ang photographers at reporters.

Relief Center sa City Hall

Anong oras ba sila mamumodmod ng relief goods.

Mamaya pagdating ni Mayor at Misis at ng mg reporter.


At ito ang isa sa mga scumbags...

The fraudster passed himself off as someone from the finance department of the GMA Kapuso Foundation, Inc.

To get hold of donations, the fraudster told potential donors to remit to a particular BPI account “for your convenience" because the Kapuso Foundation’s Banco De Oro account is supposed to be slow due to so many donations. Besides, the BPI supposedly charges a lesser fee.

In an e-mail to one overseas Filipino, the fraudster asked that donors remit their donations to the BPI account of Floriza Lucero, owner of Account Number 1-369-04887-9.


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