Saturday, October 31, 2009

It’s all in the Family- Part 2 Halloween Series

 Dear insansapinas.

Eldest Brother

My eldest brother was in his first year college when my father died. A teenager who felt he gained freedom from curfew set by my father, he adopted the habit of coming early dawn after hanging out with his “barkada”.

He learned how to drink and smoke and ignored my mother’s admonition until he saw a ghost. The ghost of the past…that of my father.

He came late and went to bed without changing his streetclothes. He was about to fall into sleep when he felt someone was tugging his legs. Thinking that it was one of my brothers, he pulled his legs
to flex his knees ready to give a kick.

He froze. In the darkness, he saw my father’s silhouette. He heard the message. If he’s not going to stop being irresponsible, my father was going to take him with him.

Call it a nightmare or a hallucination but my brother rushed to my bed and told me that my father is “ nagmumulto".

There was a big transition after the ghost sighting. From a teener, he became an adult who helped my mom took care of us.

My Twin Brothers

I did not have the opportunity to sit down and hear my brother to talk about his experience with ghost. He was still a teenager when he came to the United States and his visits came once a year which was mostly spent on talks about his life abroad.

But his twin who was the agnostic half had supernatural encounters; ghosts and demons. And he is not even “gifted”.

He has this guilty pleasure of pouring boling water in a cup with coffee, sugar and cream mixed together. He would not settle for cold coffee.

That morning, he was left alone in the house. It was a holiday. It was not a big deal since he really did not join the family in a meal anytime of the day. Any day.

He usually left before breakfast to avoid morning traffic going to work and came home late in the evening when everyone was already in the bedrooms. 

As usual, he boiled water ( takuri) and he was pouring the bubbling hot water when he heard knocks from the main door.

He left the cup of coffee and opened the door. There was no one.He went back to the kitchen and cooked hotdogs for his pan de sal. Right after putting the hotdog in a small plate, he heard the knocks again.

Angrily, he left the hotdog and coffee which was still steaming hot to find out who had been  disturbing him to enjoy his breakfast. The doorbell at the gate was not working so a visitor had to knock loud on the door to be heard inside.  It was eight in the morning.

What he saw was a woman who said that he should change. Nothing more. Thinking that she was just a beggar who was asking for money for some reasons..e.g. someone is sick…she is sick or she was a victim of scam... blah blah….he slammed the door.

One who was not easily intimidated, he was pissed by the woman who just suddenly appeared in our doorstep.

When he went back to the kitchen/dining room, he saw that his coffee cup was empty and the hotdogs were shaped more like fingers.

He did not scream. He run to the door to look for the woman. The backdoor was bolted from the inside.  He saw no one outside. It was only a few minutes had passed and if she came and left without a car, she would be walking the long road towards the gate of the subdivision.

He threw away the hotdogs; made himself another cup of coffee and decided to talk me as soon as possible.

My Sisters

I got three sisters and all of them have ghost stories of their own. Two ghost sightings in my own house.

Both of my two sisters are nurses.

Nurse/Sister 1

Although she had shares of ghost stories with her classmates in UP, the one which frightened her most was her experience in Boston hospital.

There were already stories about ghost sightings in that ward but she thought that just because she lived and grew up in our house which we believed we shared with other entities, she would not get scared.

But she did. It was there when she had experienced   goosebumps, hair-raising and sudden lost of mobility moments when she sensed the apparition near the elevator.

To be continued...



Lee said...

hahaha di yata na taypan nung ghost yung hotdog hahaha
grabe naman pala inabot nyo, lahat kayo my experience dya, ako meron pero parang guni guni lang palagi, yung mader ko at yung sister ko ang marami, pero yung mga pumanaw naming mga kaanak never nagmulto kahit minsan, sabi nung sister ko makukunsumi lang daw samin hahaha.

cathy said...

takot lang siguro ng mga kamag-anak ninyo sainyo.


genetic yata yong amin.