Sunday, October 18, 2009

Compensated Dating or Prostitution

Dear insansapinas,

The video is about young girls who date with older men in exchange of cash in Hong Kong. They're not poor. Many of them are students. They are into this trade to be able to buy expensive and designer stuff.

When I was teaching in one big university where most of the evening students were working and supporting themselves, I took notice of some young girls who were expensively dressed, carried branded bags  and were well-coiffed and made-up. Fragrance was also expensive.

A mature lady student ( she was a bored housewife/businesswoman who wanted a second college degree) intimated to me that these young girls were making "sidelines" aside from their 9-5 office jobs. They're into compensated dating. I did not know what that means.

The men knew the drill when they want to pick up girls from the universities. It is all in the car and how stuffs were positioned in the car seats.

Yes, they dated with men with cars only.

One time, a classmate of mine in the Graduate School told us a story about his friend who got a student for a girl friend. A friend's friend wanted to date with some co-eds so one night they strolled along the university belt. Two young ladies responded to the signs that the men wanted dates.

The friend thought that one of the ladies was familiar. ( He did not see the face yet since he was seated at the back). When the ladies hopped inside the car, he recognized his girlfriend.

My lady friend divulged to me that these ladies were doing these dates not because of poverty. They compete with other girls in terms of luxuries and expensive wardrobe and blings blings.

In some exclusive schools, the girls do it for drugs when the allowance sent to them had already been spent before the month ended.



Twilight Zone said...

that was a long time sideline even from our students in manila, even in south asian countries where most of the citizens are muslims this things also quite normal and everywhere, i saw a lot of students picked by cars (not a family members since most of them are from far villages and just renting a space while studying in the city),even a normal housewife are doing this kind of job, and they are not from a poor family, they are rich.

Twilight Zone said...

ooooops, correction.... they are from rich family.

cathy said...

so there is also underground economy in the flesh trade.

when i was a student, i did not know that there is this some kind of sideline. masyado akong naive.

when i taught in an exclusive school, the girls were making fun of my pagkaromdi image regarding this activity.

education really does not only come from the confines of the four corners of the school.

cathy said...

Twilight Zone comment reposted:

ayan, almost 1 wk palang nasakin yung proxy, ayaw ng gumana nag eerror na kagad tsk.

mam, dito hindi nakakalat sa kalye ang flesh trade gaya ng thailand pero pag napasok mo ang mga KTV dito nagsisiksikan silang lahat.
di lang mga studs ang my mga ganyang sidelines dito, itong condo na tinitirhan ko puro bata at ang gaganda, students, office girls, jobless girls, halos lahat yan sa gabi iisa ang sidelines.... KTV siksikan sila dun, uupo kalang para uminom obligadong magtable ka kahit isa lang sa kanila sa halagang 100rmb, tagasalin ng inumin mo.
between 200-1000rmb pwede mo silang i-take home pang magdamagan na yun.

satin nalang masakit mang tanggapin mabibilang mo nalang sa kamay yung mga studs na di gumagawa ng ganyan,sa
(names of schools) daming ganyan, normal yan sa mga ganyang girls schools pagdating satin, yung anak ng former boss ko (22 yr old lang ako that time) mayaman sila ang lalaki ng mga allowance at my mga kotseng sarili, muntik atakihin sa puso yung boss ko nung malamang 2 sa mga anak nya ganun ang gawa,yung pinsan ko sa (name of exclusive school), 500usd ang tinatanggap na allowance sa ama every month,spoiled, sunud lahat ng luho, ayun, walang kamalay malay yung ama ganun din sideline nung anak nya, yung panganay na anak nung colleague ko dito, alam nyang gawa ng anak yun pero di nila kaya yung anak nila, lumalaban kasi sa kanila, (name of school) yun ganun din ang gawa, kaya kahit tinikis nilat di binibigyan ng allowance nasusunod pa rin ang luho sa katawan... karamihan may mga kaya sa buhay, kaya masama din talaga yung ibinigay mong lahat ng luho ng anak mo at yun ang nakasanayan nila at lahat gagawin para maimentain yung luho nila sa katawan, napakatagal ng sidelines yan ng mga kabataan mam.

dito, yung ibang mga workers dito sa fcty my ganyang sidelines din, ang nakakatawa balewala dito sa kanila yun, para bang napaka normal lang at di nila kinoconsider na prostitution yun.

cathy said...

nagturo ako sa mga sinabi mong exclusive schools, di ako tumagal. ang tatamad at spoiled ang mga girls.

wala sa kanila ang drive na matuto at makatapos dahil nga anay-mayaman at may means of income kung saan mas madaling kumita.

Twilight Zone said...

totoo yan mam

Anonymous said...

good evening,, I'm Mecath Rodriguez, a sociology student from a public university here in Philippines, I've heard both of you talking about prostitution, i just want to ask, is the school that you are talking about is a university here in Philippines? I'm also aware and curious as well about university prostitution, this thing brought me to the idea of choosing it as my topic for my thesis but the problem is the respondents, i have no idea on how can i have a respondents for this papers. i hope both of you mam can help me regarding this problem. a lot of thanks for that!!!