Sunday, November 01, 2009

It 's all in the Family -Close Encounters with Ghosts-Halloween Series

Dear insansapinas,

Contrary to the belief of my friends, I never opened my third eye. One is because I got four eyes. I got prescription glasses. mwehehehe

Kidding aside, my “gift” or curse came into my realization  when I was already busy juggling my academic and corporate lives. I can not  afford to give in to requests to find out if some
People have ghosts in their homes or if their loved ones would like to communicate with them. I did not intend to make the “gift” as a source of income.

Before my I-can-talkslash-see-dead people episodes, I was a normal person who could not sleep alone in an unlighted room nor stay in the house which is rumored to be haunted.

Besides, my mother was warned by some old folks who had seen my eyes that I was the type of person who could easily be spooked or stalked by people in the other realm.

My first encounter with ghost was with the family. The Ghosts of the Death March.
I was scared to death then, hearing the shoutings, the scampering noises of soldiers who tried to escape, the sounds of the guns and the curses of the Japanese soldiers.

The second one that I could recall was a day before my father’s death. My mom came home after weeks of stay in the hospital attending to my comatose father. So she was dead tired after we finished our dinner. My eldest brother was tasked to replace my mom in her vigil in case my father woke up.

All of us were huddled in one room. My brothers and sisters had fallen asleep or were they?

I felt I was the only one awake and scared. The lone light bulb flickered. I saw my father entered the room. He was very lonely. I forgot that he was in the hospital. I just thought that my brother brought him home and he was well.

I was about to ask when he came towards us. He kissed every one of us. Nobody woke up. I felt the kiss was icy cold. Then he left.

I was about to ask him where he’s going.

The following morning, my eldest brother came. My father expired during the evening.

There were other ghost sightings that if I am going to write, it would be Christmas and my theme is still Halloween.

There were scary encounters, that’s why I do not recommend for those who have no
Strong spiritual guidance to refrain from summoning spirits.

One encounter was here in the States. It was the home being rented by my friend where I temporarily stayed. I felt an angry discarnate that I felt her hands in my throat. It was a woman, I could sense her shadows. It was a dark one.

The other encounter was when I had the least idea that I am a sensistive person.
I thought it was just one of those nightmares. But the dream was recurring. The woman tried to strangle me too. I know that I was not the object of the fury of these earthbound spirits but because I can sense them, I can geth bad vibes.

As to the “talking”, there were only a few who could calibrate in my frequency since I closed also the antennae.



Lee said...

napaka violent naman nung ghost na yun, gusto kapang sakalin lol.
sabi nila my mga good and bad spirits nga raw, yun daw good dika naman daw gagalawin at padaan daan lang, yun naman daw bad e talagang papatayin ka sa sindak para ka lumayas at iwanan sila sa lugar na kinaroroonan nila, so far wala pa naman akong na eencounter na gustong sumakal sakin, kasi bago nya yun magawa e makita ko palang sya siguro kundi ako hinimatay na e karipas nako ng takbo hahahaha

cathy said...

may mga spirit kasing hindi spiritually evolved kaya nasa lugar sila kung saan nila gusto. ayaw nilang umalis at pag may nakita silang mga tao na akala nila papaalisin sila, nagiging violent sila.

kaya nga may mga protection na binibigay sa amin. Yong nanay ng kaibigan ko suggestion sa akin magsuot palagi ng diamond. Ang social naman niya. hehehe

Twilight Zone said...

nyak, diamond pa hahaha, nung maliliit pa kami ang alam lang naming nakakapalayas ng mga bad spirit e krus at holy water kasi yung ang mga napapanood namin sa tv, pag nandyan na yung mga aswang/multo/manananggal sa tv sigawan at talunan na kami ng "yung krus, yung krus" hahahaha yun pala sa totoo e di naman takot sa krus ang ghost hahaha

cathy said...

pag multo hindi takot a krus. yong father ko nga pinakitaan pa siya ng malaking krus. hehehehe