Friday, October 30, 2009

It’s all in the Family- Halloween Series

Dear insansapinas,
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Many people do not believe in ghosts but they are scared that they might see one.
If seeing a ghost is included in the DNA blue print of a family, I suspect that the codes had been very well written for each of the member.

My Father

Among the family members, my father had the remotest desire to see a ghost. He did not believe in one since he had been and had lived in so many parts of the Philippines that he would have the chance to stay in a haunted place.

He had no idea that he would meet one when he moved to a city to accept a job offer.
The employment fringes included housing accommodation for him and the family.
Since the house that was being constructed was not ready yet, the company temporarily
Made him stay in a six bedroom old house. Alone. No one told him that it had a reputation of being haunted so that the rent was merely a pittance. We moved in to the new house later.

On the first night of his stay, he heard all sorts of noise, knockings, foot falls and moans.
He was a man who was not easily scared so he kept quiet about the unusual experience.

But the ghosts in the house which was not occupied for a long time must be very determined to drive him away so they can have the house all for themselves. On the third night he learned what the word fear meant.

According to him, his hair stood up on end and he was “ paralyzed” for a few seconds when the apparition stood by the door which he opened when he heard the knocks, thinking that it was a new employee who also came from the city and was going to share in the house until he found a place of his own.

He could not run outside because the door was blocked. So he merely shut the door and jumped on his bed.

Lest, his co-workers would laugh at him, the next morning he just kept quiet but he insisted that he moved to the new house even it was not finished yet. He thought that if he had stayed one more night in that house, he would have barricaded himself with a lot of crucifixes .

I read an explanation about ghosts being cranky . She attributed the emotion to the frustration of trying to communicate and the people do not hear them.

He told this story when all the family members and the neighbors experienced the ghosts of the Death march.


Most of the ghost apparitions experienced by my mother were after my father died.
When we were all grown up and my father’s manifestations became less, she told us that she believed that my father must have asked for a deferred crossover so he could watch over us. My mother then was not even 40 years old and was pregnant when he died.

One psychic wrote that the common reason for the deliberate missing of the crossover was passion ( either it is love or hate.) Obviously, my father was that of love.

Those who are motivated by hate were more the earthbound type. They do not want to move on because of reasons other than love.

The first time that he saw my father after he died was on the third day after we buried him. In our hometown, the old people required the widow to take a bath on this day early morning when no one ‘s up yet.

My mom told us that she saw my father standing by the door. She forgot that he’s dead. She just realized when the apparition disappeared. She noticed however that he was slightly elevated from the floor. Sylvia Browne, an authority on paranormal said that the Other Side actually exists three feet about our ground and vibrational levels.

Our dog did not stop from barking and howling at night so that a neighbor must have
Caused his sudden disappearance.

When we moved back to Manila, one of my brothers stayed with a relative in the province.

We were busy settling in the city so that my mom was always tired whenever she came home. Tired as she was every evening, she checked on us after she had rested. One night, she went to the boys’ room and found that there were two figures on the bed. She did not switch on the light. But when she saw my eldest brother in the kitchen taking his late dinner, she asked him if they had a guest sleeping over. When he said none, she went back to the bedroom and checked again. There were not two but just one sleeping on the bed.

She just thought that it must be a pillow that she saw and mistook it as a body. Before she went back to bed, she heard a whisper…to go and see my other brother who was in the province.

That she did and found out that my brother was sick for days and the relative did not inform us.

There were minor manifestations but one that she would not forget was when I , the rebel
Run away to marry at a very young age.

She said that she saw my father at the foot of the stairwell, crying.

To be continued...


Lee said...

ma, ako honstly di naniniwala dyan altho many times ng nakakarinig ako at tumatayo ang buhok ko sa batok ng bigla bigla, tapos my dadaan na tatagisin ako ng konti.
nung nandun ako sa cnabi ko sayong pinunthan ko ng 6 weeks (remoter area here) my time na naliligo ako nakaopen ang door ng cr bigla akong napasigaw, bigla lang kasi kitang kita ko may dumaan from main door to the bed room dumaan ng tapat ng cr, at yung laundry room nasa ground floor pag naglalaba ako nakatalikod ramdam ko may dumaraan samantalang ako lang ang tao sa building tumatayo talaga buhok ko sa batok pero diko nalang pinapansin, ipopost ko yung chura nung place pag nagka time.
pero nung mamatay yung grandma ko, lahat kami sa bahay nun iyakan at talagang inaabangan namin yung pagpaparamdam at pagpapakita nung lola namin,lahat pa naman kasi nung kapitbahay namin nagsasabi napakalakas nung nagpaparamdam at nagpapakita yung lola namin pero kahit minsan wala naman kaming na experience.
nung umalis kami dun sa compound sayang pinagiba yung malaking bahay na tinirhan namin kasi wala na raw makatirang iba since umalis kami at nung wala namang nakatira lalo namang lumakas yung takot nung mga taga run kasi gabi gabi nalang daw tumutunog yung makinang de pidal at yung bisyo ng lola ko na panay ang humming

cathy said...

sa ibang bansa man may mga ghsotly encounters ako.

marami kasing kahit naramdaman na may multo, pagkatapos ng encouter, makakalimutan nila ang experience hanggang maramdaman nila ulit. hanubayan. para ako si escudero magsalita, ang haba.


may mga tao na ramdam lang talaga...parang si mar roxas

at meron namang kita talaga nila.

kahit di sila naniniwala.tingnan mo ang kapatid kong lalaki, kung di pa namulto, hindi pa siya maniniwala.

Lee said...

nyahahahaha para bang si mar, ramdam na ramdam, pagka kagaya ni mar ang multo, first time multo nagkaron ng award, sobrang drama ahahahaha
kung sa bagay tama ka dyan, kundi talaga magpaparamdam dika pa matatauhang meron nga pala, natauhan nako pero in denial parin hahahahahaha