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Near Death Experience Explained Part 1-Halloween Stories

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This is the story of a woman who died for a few minutes and lived again to narrate her Near Death Experience.

The mother of two, also a grandmother, was at her job, driving a school bus for the Newton Public School District in suburban Boston, Massachusetts.

Her passengers, special-needs children, were wheelchair-bound.

Seemingly in good health and in good spirits, Geraghty was finishing up her late-morning run, transporting a student and teacher back to Newton South High School, when she realized she was in trouble.

As she was pulling into the school parking lot, she began having sharp stomach pains. She was able to park her bus, but she kept feeling worse.

The pain "went right up my arm and into my chest, and I said, 'Uh-oh, I'm having a heart attack,' " she said.

The teacher ran from the bus to get help. Newton South's nurse, Gail Kramer, and CPR instructor Michelle Coppola arrived moments later with the school's new automated external defibrillator.

Geraghty, barely conscious, was fading fast. She was weak and having trouble breathing. And then she went into full cardiac arrest.

At that point, Geraghty says, her body died. She remembers watching the scene unfold -- as if from above.

"I floated right out of my body. My body was here, and I just floated away. I looked back at it once, and it was there."

Geraghty says she saw deceased loved ones, her mother and her ex-husband.

"It was very peaceful and light and beautiful. And I remember like, when you see someone you haven't seen in a while, you want to hug them, and I remember trying to reach out to my ex-husband, and he would not take my hand. And then they floated away."

Next, she says, she was overwhelmed by "massive energy, powerful, very powerful energy

The doctor said that it is all in the mind. (how can he say it is all in the mind when the body is already dead?)

Anyway, this is his explanation of the white light and tunnel.

During REM sleep, there is increased brain activity and visual stimulation. Intense dreaming occurs as a result.

And the bright light so many people claim to see?

"The activation of the visual system caused by REM is causing the bright lights," Nelson said.

And the tunnel people speak of, he says, is lack of blood flow to the eye. "The eye, the retina of the eye, is one of the most exquisitely sensitive tissues to a loss of blood flow. So when blood flow does not reach the eye, vision fails, and darkness ensues from the periphery to the center. And that is very likely causing the tunnel effect."

For someone who have experienced not only one near death experience and have heard stories from friends and relatives, I think this doctor needs to travel to the other realm to change his views.

My Great Grandmother

My great grandma "died" when she was around 70's. It was in the remote barrio in Bicol where the casket was made courtesy of neighbors and relatives while the deceased laid on a bed for vigil.

There were lots of prayers going on since my grandma was also known as nagpapaHesus for the dying. The place had no permanent priest so that there were old people who devoted some time of their lives to facilitate the transition of person from life to death.

One of the people saying the Latin prayers who were near the bed noticed that the small finger of my great grandma moved. In their fright, some people jumped out of the windows (their windows had no bars and the house was just one storey)or run outside while my grandmother attended to my great grandma whose first spoken words were she's thirsty.

My great grandma narrated that when she died, she felt that she became light as  feather and was floating on the air. Then she found herself walking alone in a long narrow road where thorny plants grew on both sides. (noticed that there was no tunnel and no light).

Then she said that the road lead to a very huge gate where people were lined up for their turn to talk to an old man.
They were conversing in different languages and yet they understood each other.

When it was her turn reaching the person who manned the Gate, she was asked of her name which started in A. The old man browsed the big book  but he could not find the name. Without moving from his station, the old man  made her view a cave where there  were lighted candles.

The man pointed at her candle. It was still long but beside it,  was a candle which was down to its bottom and was already  flickering. She was made to understand that it was the candle of her sister.

After the revelation, she felt that she was floating and was descending back to earth.

On that same day, her sister  died. She used the coffin that was made for my great grandmother who lived several years more.



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