Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are you kidding?

Dear insansapinas,

There are laws in some US States and other countries which make one say Are you kidding?

The following are ordinances in the state of Indiana which may have been enforced in the past years and are no longer enforced because they were already forgotten or were amended:

  1. In Beach Grove, it is  illegal to eat watermelon in the park.

  1. In Gary, it is illegal to eat garlic before going into a theater .

  1.  In Elkhart, barbers can't joke about cutting off people's ears.
 Here are more bizarre law which you can find here.

1. Several tears ago, it is illegal to eat yellow butter inMissouri. Most of Missouri's restrictions on imitation butter date to 1895, and they were last amended in 1939

2. In Finland, traffic fines are calculated as a percentage of the offender's most-recently-reported income. In January 2002, Anssi Vanjoki, 44, a director of the Finnish telecommunications giant, Nokia, received what is believed to be the most expensive speeding ticket ever— $12.5 million — for driving his Harley at 75 km/h (47 mph) in a 50km/h (31 mph) zone.It was reduced to several hundred thousand dollars after Vanjoki protested.

3. On June 28, 2002, King Mswati III of Swaziland required the young women to wear chastity belts and were prohibited from engaging in sex to avoid the spread of AIDS.  Women below 18 wore blue and yellow tassles in their belts while older women who were still virgins wore red and black.

Women were not also allowed to wear pants publicl but they are naked above the waist.

When the king married a 17 year old girl, he punished himself by giving a cow. 



Lee said...

nung nasa pinas sa alabang bus station my my nakalagay sa bus na bawal kumain ng itlog at mais, e yung sister ko adik sa shawarma at sa kimchi, nung nasa bus na kami binuksan at kinain yung kimchi galit galit yung driver panay ang litanya, tas pag my sumakay na pasahero sabi, bat daw amoy tambak ng basura sa loob, nag ngingisngisan nalang kami kasi tong sister ko napakasutil talaga panay panay irap nung katabi namin,nakakayamot nga naman yung amoy tas magngingisngisan pa.
lapit yung kundoktor sinasaway yung kapatid ko, sabi nung kapatid ko sige magdemanda ka, sabi ko nga wag ka ng magsalita tayo my diprensya pasalamat kat nasa pinas tayo hahaha

cathy said...

salbahe din kayo.bakit kasi yong itlog amoy utot pag kinain mo.

makakain ko lang ang kimchi as appetizer.

naku dito particular sila sa amoy pero ako naman ayaw ko ang sloppy joe. amoy kili-kili. hehehe