Saturday, March 31, 2012

Catholic university

Dear insansapinas,

I've sent four years of my K10 in a Catholic university. Di ako naging santa. whew.

That was when during first Thursdays of the month, all classes were cancelled in the high school division and a makeshift confessional box  was brought to each classroom. Kailangang magconfess kami ng aming kasalanan so that the following day which was First Friday, we can receive Holy communion, I did not confess to the priest assigned to our class. Kaya alam ng mga are kung sino ang nagchcheat,  I went to confession to a church near our home so during the time when classes were suspended, I was just Noynoying.

Before the end of the school year, a Holy retreat was required not only to the graduating students but also to non-graduating ones. , This was when friendships were sealed. After every homily, we gave away to our friends, beautiful estampitas. Usually, the big estampitas went to the closest friends. So if you received an ordinary and small estampitas, you're not in. O di va. Kung baga sa facebook, you are not a friend.

You can see the most popular student among us. She held the thickest pile of estampitas that if they were the basis of entry to the paradise, she did not have to pass thru an eye of a needle.

I received only less than 10 estampitas, I was that unpopular. I was more concerned about the honor list because scholarships were awarded to the top ten students.  My closest friend who belonged to the lowest section asked me If was not bothered that I did not belong to the clique. I just laughed it off. One day, our adviser called for me. She asked if the report that I cheated in the exam was true--a rumor circulated by a group of ladies who did not want to be ignored. My teacher in math said that I would never cheat and could not cheat because the exams of algebraic equations were written in the blackboard during the exams. Butata sila.

They tried it again to another classmate who did not want to join any group. She cried the whole day because of the nasty things that this group sread among students.  After she was cleared, she joined me. May dalawa na akong alipores. hehehe
When I started working in an accounting firm, I had an officemate who did only graduate from a Catholic university. She had also a friend who was formerly a nun. She went out of the convent because of the intrigues inside among nuns. Mga tao rin naman kasi sila. 

Pero hindi sila judge kung sino ang makasalanan at sino ang banal.

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