Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Surgery 2 and the Dream

Dear insansapinas,
For the record your honor, I would like to make a manifestation.

I will be going to the hospital, an hour from now for my surgery. Ahhh, I miss my chocolate drink and oatmeal cookie  this morning. I am not allowed to take anything except my meds since midnight.

 Last night, I've dreamed that I was walking (hindi sa Tuwid na daan, ahoy) towards a place where coconut trees grow. Someone painted the coconuts white so that they looked more like huge eggs. As I passed them, I was heading towards a dark place (may blackout, hehehehe) and my feet just would not move. 

I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I slept again, I had the same dream; white eggs and the dark place where I would not go. Ayaw talaga ng brownout.

This morning, I read that the Legacy CEO died of cancer. It is just unfortunate that the alleged billions that he bilked from depositors did not save his life.No, I do not think it is a punishment for his alleged crime because if that is so, even the victim of the scam who lost 20 million pesos and has cancer is also being punished? Paano na lang ang cancer treatment niya? The other day, I received the bill for my first surgery. I thought it was for the entire operation. Hinayupak, anaesthesia lang pala yon na good for six hours. Almost 3 k. Blag. 


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