Monday, March 05, 2012


Dear insansapinas,

1. Grace Ibuna stayed in the VP Gallery of the House of Representatives. Aleli Arroyo was with the family of her husband.
Is it true that Congresswoman Mitos Magsaysay thanked Ibuna for taking care of the deceased solon. In front of the wife? Wait 'till the dusts have settled down. Ah baka hindi pa nga nagsettle down.

The plot thickens.

2. Payback? 
MANILA, Philippines - The fathers of two members of the House prosecution team took their oath before President Benigno Aquino III on Monday for their respective posts in government-owned and/or -controlled corporations (GOCCs).
Former senator Wigberto Tañada was appointed as chairman of the board of directors of the United Coconut Planters Bank-Coco Industry Investment Fund-Oil Mills Group for the Granexport Manufacturing Corp., Cagayan de Oro Oil Company, and Iligan Coconut Industries Inc.
He is the father of House deputy speaker Lorenzo Tañada III, who is a spokesman of the prosecution team handling the impeachment case against Chief Justice Renato Corona.
Former Quezon City councilor Jorge Banal Sr., for his part, was appointed acting member of the board of directors of the Poro Point Management Corp.
He is the father of Quezon City Rep. Jorge Banal Jr., who was identified by a bank manager of the Philippine Savi
ngs Bank as having inquired on Corona’s dollar accounts.


3. Mining Ban

This is one industry that is very selfish. MINE, MINE,

4. According to Miriam, there is no more hell in the Vatican 2. Hell now means distance from God.

Sabi ni Mr. Bean noon, pinaghati-hatian na ng mga world's tyrants ang impyerno. Kaniya-kaniya silang mga alipores.


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