Sunday, April 01, 2012

Short Quiz

Dear insansapinas,

I was in bed yesterday. This is the first time that I stayed longer in bed after a medical procedure because of the absence of the right painkiller. I could not even sit down. 

So my whiner-friend called. When she came to know that I was in bed. she advised me to move around. Para naman daw ako maexercise, Gusto kong sabihin, o sige, saiyo na itong sakit at ako ay magjajogging.

She called me to tell me that God is testing her faith. She was summoned by her boss and reprimanded for having attitide of not accepting that she erred in her work. She was told that the next time, she would receive a verbal reprimand. She felt she was being "inaapi" and God is testing her.

I did not comment. But deep inside me, I thought that it was just a short quiz from GOD if ever it is a test. Mine is a doctoral dissertation. hehehe.



Arvin U. de la Peña said...

how are you....masagot mo ba ito

Ang naglalaba ay nasa loob, ang nilalabhan ay nasa labas...

cathy said...

thanks sa kumusta arvin. mahirap yang tanong mo.