Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Rosary

Dear insansapinas,

This week, I did not go out. Most of the time, I am in bed. The wounds hurt. Sometimes I forget that it's been barely a month that I had the surgery. The tube which was removed last week still left an unhealed wound. My friend, the nurse said that I should rest.

Minsan napapalakad ako ng mabilis tapos marerealized ko may sakit nga pala ako. ahek. 

This afternoon, I received a rosary from the mother of my friend. What's special about it was it is from the healing priest Father Fernando Suarez. His mother attended one of the healing masses and she thought of me. They got me one.  They've been trying to reach me to ask for  my address because I decided not to entertain calls anymore from people seeking help and advice. They think that I can solve their problems when my own problem is more serious. But they did not care.

Para bang utang na loob kong tulungan ko sila. If I were feeling fine, I would like to help but now I rather sleep than to talk over the phone except for another friend. She usually calls me up when she is sleepy and driving so it helps when she hears my voice. Whaaaaa.

Before. I could read one book a day. These days, except for my favorite author, it takes me to finish a book in a week.

As to the rosary, I was given the same rosary by a friend in 2007. That was the time, I was diagnosed with cancer which was gone even without treatment.


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