Friday, March 09, 2012

Azkals, Baby and Carrier Pigeons

 Dear insansapinas,


1. Anak ng tunsoy naman, ginawang dahilan yong sexual harrassment charge ni Cristina Ramos sa pagkakatalo ng Azkals.

Sexual harassment case vs 2 Azkals players hurts team

2. Deductions from Taxes (kung makakalusot)

Two partners wrote off the care, food, cost of the carrier pigeons that they use for communication. Nahh, they do not believe in the advanced technology. They sent their mails, messages and other commuications thru carrier pigeons.

The IRS rejected the deduction as business expense.

Carrier pigeons are also known as homing pigeons because they can find their way home after long distances.

I remember a  friend of mine raised homing pigeons upon his return from his first OFW deployment.

The business did not prosper. The pigeons would come back to his place after the buyers had already paid and brought home the pigeon. 



A businesswoman deducted the cost of caring for her baby who is her model in her blinds and curtains.IRS rejected the deduction.

Ganiyan kahigpit ang audit dito. Mahigpit din diyan sa Pinas kung hindi ka kabagang.




Arvin U. de la Peña said...

walang pinagkaiba sa mga asong kalye.....wala na ngang naihahatid na maganda sa Pilipinas sa larangan ng football tapos ganyan pa ang asal....

cathy said...

sinabi mo pa