Monday, March 26, 2012

Highest Bidder

Dear insansapinas,

Lesson for the day:

The best time to buy real estate properties is during recession when foreclosures are left and right. The property that you can buy may be cheaper than your high-end car.

My friend was able to buy the house that cost almost a million dollars for half its price. He was the highest bidder. Houses in California before the subprime mortgage crisis averaged about US$500,000 for a two to three bedroom single detached house. 
The flippers (those who buy foreclosed or damaged houses for as low as 50,000 US$ in some states and renovate them) make as much as more than 100 per cent profit.

Recession in the US does not necessarily affect all professionals. Filipinos have one or more houses in the US and a vacation or condo unit in the Philippines. Unlike in the Philippines, they can work at least two jobs. Just take a look at the remittance to the Philippines. Some experts are predicting that the remittances are going to be reduced considerable with the recession in the US but it did not happen.

Robles asked: 
Can a physical therapist raising two children and drawing salary from a hospital afford a pricey condo ON TOP OF a three-bedroom house in Roseville, California almost at the same time? 
Oh yes. The physical therapist earns more per hour compared to nurses. The average annual salary is US$ 74,895 for entry level for eight hour work per day. The practice is that physical therapists work in more than one hospital or are sent by registries to rehab which needed estra PT.  Even caregivers can afford to buy at least two houses in the US. The $ 245,000 condo is not pricey. With a down payment of $ 24,000, the monthly amortization may not even exceed 1,000 dollars a month. If it is rented out, then the condo is self-paying property. Buy a condo here in the Washington DC area.

Kailangang maregaluhan ng appointment directories:
MalacaƱang on Sunday denied it snubbed the head of the World Council of Churches, explaining that President Benigno Aquino III could not meet with the Protestant leader on Friday because of the state visit of the Amir of Kuwait. 
Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the meeting between Mr. Aquino and the Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, secretary general of the World Council of Churches, did not push through due to “scheduling constraints on both sides.” 

How long will it take to meet during courtesy call? If there are constraints in one day, can there be no possible rescheduling? 


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