Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sabon at Sharon Cuneta

Dear insansapinas,

Muntik nang matakpan ng bula ng sabon ang camera ng TV network ng GMA7. Sinabon ng walang banlawan ang LRA Chief na si Eulalio Diaz III ng mga senator-judges.

According to Jojo Robles of Manila Standard:

But what exactly had Diaz done? Well, everyone from Miriam Defensor Santiago to Jinggoy Estrada could not believe why the LRA chief did not appear to exercise any care or diligence when his office released a list of 45 properties supposedly owned by the chief justice.
That disclosure now appears to be the cue for the anti-Corona media to join the prosecution, Diaz and, ultimately, the prime mover of the entire sorry process, President Noynoy Aquino himself, in jumping on the chief justice. As the senators pointed out, LRA’s disclosure of this scandalous number of properties may have permanently destroyed the image of Corona in the eyes of the public and even the Senate—which may have been the plan all along.
and Alex Magno of Philstar wrote a memo for Diaz. Read their fault.

The damage has been done. Di ba ito lang naman ang kanilang motive.

Sharon Cuneta, nananabon din sa twitter

Sharon Cuneta, the megastar is in the fighting mood these days. First she  admitted that she had been in a silent war with her aunt, Helen Gamboa. And now, she also bashed the tweeters who accused her daughter KC of being abortionist. She identified the bashers to be Piolo fanatics.Noted your honor.


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