Sunday, March 11, 2012

Team Aleli at Team Grace

Dear insansapinas,

Wha--I lost one hour. It is daylight saving time and the clock was forwarded last midnight. I was about to watch a TV program when I found out that it was finished.

Natawa naman ako dito

One commentator said that Cristina Ramos does not have the physical attribute to invite an opposite sex to sexually harassed her. Ito hindi tayo ginag*g*. Talagang g-a-g-o siya. Akala niya ang sexual harassment ay pagpiflirt sa mga seksing babae. HAHAHA

2. Sabi ni Grace Ibuna, kulang na lang daw magpainterview ang kaniyang kalaban sa pag-ibig ng nasirang congressman sa Nickledeon at kulang na lang na pati ang pagpunta sa ladies room ay kunan pa ng video.

Hala. Nagsalita na. Simula na ba ito ng Team Aleli at Team Grace? Abangan.

Napag-isip ako dito

3. Having a mistress is not only popular these days. Centuries ago, there were already royal mistresses of the 
kings, princes and even the pope. In the Philippines, it was surprising to learn that well respected legislators/statesmen died with two or three women in their lives. Meron nga akong alam na mayor na duplicate ang anak. Pagnanganak yong isa, kailangan may anak din doon sa ikalawa. Walang lamangan di ba?

4. I do not approve of extramarital affairs especially if they affect the children. Sometimes, mistresses are born because the marriage is already dead. For a sick man or woman whose  days are already numbered, a companion/partner is considered a heaven sent angel whether she is a wife or a mistress or just a caregiver. 

The millionaire woman who died in NY without a relative left several properties and money to a Filipina caregiver just for being there with her, talking to her daily and visiting her almost everyday.
Sabihin mo nang ginawa niya yon para mabiyayaan, pero ang nagbigay ay nabigyan naman ng feeling someone waa caring for her which could be worth millions.

 Every time,  he/she is admitted to a hospital he/she  never knows if he/she is going to live. The presence of the loved one gives assurance that everything is well. Sabihin mo nang madrama, pero the photo above  suggested comfort to the deceased.

Nahh, it does not concern me. Mine was a choice. It was about my FIL who expressed his fear of dying. His children have families of their own so they could not come regularly. The children were trying to spare their mother from being despondent so they sent her to travel. Every time I left him, I assured him I am coming back and would not abandon him to the end. I made good my promise.



apple said...

I will wait for that Team Aleli and Team Grace! And I will bet for Team Grace! LOL.

Anne | Local News in the Philippines

cathy said...
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cathy said...

tahimik pa si TA ngayon.