Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Heart You

Dear insansapinas,

Nahhh,I am not expressing love to someone. It literally means heart. Yesterday, I had echocardiogram. Unlike the first time, I had it in 2007 when I could not see the screen, I had the chance to see my HEART beating and creating that noise, blag, blag, blag.  Hindi siya hugis puso. Puso ng saging pwede pa.

The tech said that I got a GOOD heart. Di mabait kung hindi maayos. I kidded her (foreigner siya, immigrant from Europe) that I thought I am already heartless. The joke did not sink in at once. hehehe.

Kaya pala dami kong dinaanang mga sigwa sa buhay, yong puso ko, tumitibok pa rin. After the procedure, I was escorted to the lobby. The room where I came from was dark so I have to make adjustment to my vision. In doing so, I was a little unstable that I looked for a seat to temporarily take a rest. The janitor ( he was also immigrant although he is colored) stopped me from sitting down. Naglilinis daw siya. Ang hinayupak, imbes na tulungan akong umupo, ibinaladra yong vacuum cleaner. Those seats are really for patients waiting in the  emergency line. Pinalalakad pa niya ako doon sa mga upuan na malayo. Kaya nga walang tatalo sa Pinoy pagiging matulungin. Itong taong tao, inuna pa yong paglilinis niya kaysa sa matutumba.

But I insisted to sit down. If he was going to refuse once more, I am going to call the administrator. That hospital assures the patients of prompt and courteus service. That's the reason why they escort the patients to the lobby (there were four lobbies depending on the service) so that they do not have to get lost in the maze of hallways. 
The patients are also encouraged to get the attention of the administrator in case no one is attending to them after over 15 minutes of waiting.

But I did not complain. I know he is also an immigrant and he must be on a probationary basis yet. I do not want him to lose his job because of demerits. If that work attitude will continue, sooner or later, he will be kicked out of that service-oriented facility.

Before I left, I said thank you for allowing me to sit down PORWAHILE. He just nodded. He could not look at me. Then came some Caucasians. I observed him. He did not say anything. Was it because of his encounter with me or sinusubukan din niya kung sino ang mabubully niya?  

Ambulance, Paramedics, Firetruck and Sheriff

When I arrived in our place, I saw a firetruck parked in one end of the corner, three ambulances in the other end and a sheriff's car at the back. I thought I burned the house. hehehe

I made a sign of inquiry to one of the drivers of the ambulance. Malabo. He just gestured that someone died or someone had an accident but I saw no body. I also did not see so many paramedics , unlike when my brother called the 911. Lalaking tao ang nakapuno sa living room namin.

While walking away from the vehices, naisip ko, buhay pa ba ako? Eh kung ako yon. Naglalakad lang ang kaluluwa ko. Ngiiiiiii. Sobra imagination ko. Huwag manood ng Whisperer.


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