Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Dear insansapinas,

One thing that I always do is to plan. So while watching TV (my eyes are already trained to watch the idiot box when it is on as a form of courtesy, LABO ko naman), I am making plans. If I like to eat something, I plan to buy it a week ahead if given the opportunity. But plans are not always followed like when I want to eat crab, whether it is king crab or blue crab, I buy even the frozen ones when it is off season. The oriental store that sells live crabs are more than thirty minute-drive away. Then I forget to buy coconut milk. Ginataang alimasag baga. Nagiging nilagang crab na lang.  One time, I had them both, sabi ko sarap, then I forgot pala to buy pumpkin/squash. So I ended up with ginataang crab sa spinach pweh.

But there was one lucky week where I had the three incredients, crab, coconut mik and pumpkin. I was excited to cook the still alive blue crabs. They pulled each other to escape my wok. When I opened the ref to get the pumpkin for peeling and slicing, Wala. Wha. It turned into Cinderella's carriage. I had to wait for another day to wait for it to turn back into pumpkin. CORNY KO.

I am just cooling my heels erm diabetic socks. That is because I am waiting for the medical receptionist to call since this morning. I already want to believe in the study made that 

Half of cancer survivors die from other diseases

The most common forms of cancer among the participants were breast, prostate, cervical, lung and colorectal cancer; people with skin cancer were excluded from the study.
About 63.2 percent of men in the study and 66.9 percent of women had a cardiovascular condition, 58.7 percent of men and 62 percent of women had high blood pressure, and 61.3 percent of men and 70.5 percent of women had high cholesterol levels.

Ay sinabi pa nila. Minsan namamatay sa kunsomisyon o alta presyon. Kung hindi nga lang daw may pusong bato sko, sa mga incompetence na naeexperience ko, siguro, inatake na rin ako. Hmphh. Di tuloy sko makatulog. Buti na lang may librong nahiram ang kapatid ko sa isa kong paboritong writer na si Dave Barry, ang nagbigay sa akin ng style ng pagsusulat. Hindi ko magaya ang style niya pero at least pareho kaming naglalagay ng period pagkatapos. ahem. 


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