Saturday, April 21, 2012


Dear insansapinas,

Para akong knock-out kahapon. Coming from the ob-gyne specialist, I could hardly open my eyes. So sleepy and tired. It's been three weeks since my latest surgery and I am not fully healed yet. Ayaw kasing maniwala. Madaling magrepair ang katawan ko pag walang problema. I've been insisting that  I still got infection.

Napagod ako sa katitingin ng mga batang dala ng mga buntis na mother nila. Takbo dito, iyak doon, sigaw doon. There was this cute litte boy who tried to engage me in conversation. There was another baby who was laughing every time I made peek-a-boo. I tried to teach her close-open. Bakit wala silang ganoon? Sa Pinas, yon ang unang natutuhan ng bata. Not sure these days. Maybe during my Jurassic days of baby caregiving.

When I arrived home, I went straight to bed. Took a nap. Stood up, walked and went back to bed again. I did not even take my dinner. (my unch?)

I dreamed about two men wearing skirts. hahaha. I had silly dreams until I woke up this morning. Weird.

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