Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Angel or a Kidnapper

Dear insansapinas,

I fell from a chair so I can not write (para bang yong paa ko ang susulat). hehehe.
Last Monday, the "Terminator" was supposed to come. Time for pest control.  She came late  afternoon. Kainis. I was deprived of my daily nap. Although she had the keys, I would like to talk to her regarding the "flying rodents", the pigeons. They nestled in the trees in front our balcony and left their poos all over.

The following day, Tuesday, I had an appointment with my oncologist. I did not call the transport service. I hate waiting for the driver. Nahahigh blood ako.  I decided to take the bus. The bus stop was just a few meters away from our residence.

After the doctor, I was feeling sleepy while waiting in the bus stop. I was also having nosebleed because of allergy. A woman who was walking her dog, approached me and asked me  if I was okay. I told her that I was and  I thanked her for the concern.

Then the man with sleeping bag (it was clean), big tote bags and a jacket came. He put all his belongings to the bench while he was standing outside the bus stop waiting for the bus to come. A mother- daughter also came but stayed outside the bus stop too.

I side-glanced at the things of the man. They're clean for a bum. Baka bagong bum lang. My eyes were still drooping and my nose was still bleeding. Para akong tulog na naglalakad.

I boarded the bus when it came. So was the man and so were the ladies. At the nearest bus stop close to my home, I got off. The man stopped also the bus and got off. Hmm, dito ba bababa yon?

I crossed the street and he was trying to stop the car. Then he started walking trying to guide me where to go. Sandali. Sandali. Bakeeet ? Then he would circle around trying to protect me from cars coming from other directions. Sandali. Bakit. Mukha ba akong bagong salta?

Then I stopped. He also stopped. Then he nodded his head as if he understood. Then he walked ahead. Tapos nawala. I tried to look for a man carrying a sleeping bag a few meters away from the place he left me. Wala. I did not walk not until he left eh.

So I was thinking. Was he a bum trying to kidnap me? Sus maryones naman, hindi na naman ako maganda para pagtiyagaan? Or was he an angel just trying to help me.

Yesterday, I tried to put back the canned goods to the cabinet. I was standing in two chairs. Bigla, bog, hulog. Buti na lang parang pharmacy ang bahay namin. Merong cold or hot compress. Namamaga pa. Kaya hindi pa ako makablog. Ay nakakablog na pala.


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