Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank you for the grace from corruption

Dear insansapinas,

  With all those Fiipino people claiming that what they have accomplished is given by God, I am not surprised at all if the Philippines was rated as the third most religious country. Pag natuwa, Diyos ang tinatawag; paggalit, DIYOS KO PO ang sinisigaw at pagnatatakot, Diyos kohhhhh ang nasasambit.

The issue here is even those that God would not dare do because He has some souls to save and some other "wars" to attend at  His level is attributed to God. Remember the unwanted pregnancy of an actress several years ago where she said that God was with them (short to saying God is watching them do "it"?) The child became a problem because God stopped watching him? 

I am wondering why they have to include God in everything they do and say.  Imagine a corrupt official who makes money by "stealing from  people" prays in public to give thanks for the grace he and the people receive. Ibig sabihin, may basbas ng Diyos ang corruption niya? Lahat ng ceremonies, may misa o kaya may prayers kung hindi invocation. 

Imagine ang isang yakyakterang talent manager who announced to the media that her favorite saint is showering her with lots of money (from what?  pimping young ladies if they can not get a movie contract?) because she goes to mass every day.  Does she think that God approves her being protective to her chidren at the expense of other people's lives?

These people equate money with good graces with God. Pag sila maraming pera, mabait ang Diyos. 

Does being friends with men and women of cloth mean that the individual is already a candidate for sainthood? Does recitation of the Bible from cover to cover make one a candidate for heaven? 

Those who have "found God" are the most outspoken among the "converts". When you hear them talk, you feel as if you are the worst sinner because God never makes you realize the truth as in"truth will set you free".

Even those skimpy-wearing beauty pageant contestants invoke the name of God. I am not a prude but if you are going to talk about God, cover your body or don't mention God at all. Anyway, God does not give a damn who wins the pageant. He is  not after the physical attribute but the beauty of the soul.


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