Friday, April 13, 2012

Why Was Jessica Sanchez Almost Eliminated from American Idol?

Dear insansapinas,

The winning in the American Idol does not depend only to the judges. The candidate who gets the most phone-in or texted votes  from the viewing public wins.

The Mexican-Asian-voting bloc became too complacent to cast their votes because of the praises of the judges to this sixteen-year old singer. Each candidate is entitled to fifty votes each. The fans of Jessica Sanchez are not the shrieking girl fans of the male contestants. They won't spend more time to use up the available votes for their candidate.  Some of them may even do not know how to text. They're satisfied to hear that Sanchez is one of the best contestansts the AI ever had.

If the fans of Jessica Sanchez want her to win, VOTE FOR GOODNESS Sakes.


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