Monday, April 09, 2012


Dear insansapinas,

Graduation Dress
I was very active when I was in school. I joined extracurricular activities particularly dancing; Filipino dances, native and Spanish dances. Our Foundation Day falls on a few weeks before closing or commencement exercises. Each deparment contributed special number. For the grade school level, we usually performed dances; Filipino such as itik-itik; pandanggo sa ilaw, tinikling and other native dances. That year which coincided with our graduation, we presented Spanish.  Our costume was Spanish dress with layers and layers of biased fabric. Our adviser encouraged us to wear the costume on our graduation instead of buying a new white dress. Para raw makatipid. Except for a few girls, many decided to buy a new graduation  dress. My mother surprised me with a beautiful graduation dress since I got honors naman . ahem. and I got a medal to be pinned  during the program. Baka mapabahin, bigla akong sumayaw, sumigaw ng OLE at magtap dance. *heh*

It was a mystery for me why a friend  that I met here in the US was not eating pan cit. I thought she was allergic to sea foods. In one of our  Christmas celebrations, I decided to cook pancit  with meat as "sahog" for my contribution in the potluck.  She still refused to eat. Inisnob ang pancit ko. hmphh.

In our girl talk, I found out that she graduated from high school at the same time as that of her older sister.While her mother brought her  sister and her friends in a restaurant, my friend was left alone in the house to celebrate alone. Sayang din daw ang ibabayad ara sa kaniya  So she just cooked noodles for her friends. No one came. Since they had no meat nor shrimp to go with the pancit, she just cooked it with it pieces of sardines. While eating, she was crying.

 Sabi niya, libre na ang soda. But she was the one who petitioned for her mom here in the States. Here, she observed again her  mother's favoritism when her mother gifted her sister with jewelries. I said oh well. Kaniya-kaniyang paborito lang yan.


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