Monday, April 02, 2012

Aray, Turo-turo, Pakialamera

Dear insansapinas,

I've been in and out the hospital since 2007 for medical procedures as short as one hour and long surgery of six to eight hours. Never, did I cry for self pity or other reasons such as pain. As I have admitted, I have a high threshold of pain. This last surgery is different. Every time I go to the bathroom, I shed a tear or two. I can hardly sit down because of the sutures which according to the doctor would just melt when the wounds get healed.

The reason why I mentioned this is because of the interview with June Keithley, one of the people who had a significant role in the EDSA 1. She continued  the radio broadcast even after the Radio Veritas was bombed to stop it from sending messages to the "rebels." My sister was among those volunteers in the Radio Veritas.
But the news is not about how these people in the EDSA 1 committee forgot the  people who were the real heroes. It is about her husband Angelo Castro, Jr.  a media person who was found to have lung cancer with three months to live. June also has breast cancer which was diagnosed in 2009.
The STC nuns forgot that accusing the girls of being drunkards and addicts, if they indeed verbally abused the students, is reflective of the failure of the disciplinary programs of the school. The students are spending more time in school and whatever they learned and or guidance they received will be more from the school and classmates rather than parents. They are spending more time in schools than in their homrs/
After graduation, come the peers, the friends and the work environment. When something wrong or bothering  the students, their class performance is affected too. IF they are drinking, they can not hide that from class or advisers. I am talking about habitual drinkers. If indeed they are using illegal drugs,their habits are going to change for the worse.
I am thankful that during our time, there was no Facebook yet. When my father learned at age 16, my eldest brother was starting to smoke as influenced by his classmates, he did not call him for 

scolding. He bought more packs of cigarette. Then he asked my brother to smoke. Every time, he finished one stick, my father eould light another.He was not used to chain smoking so before the second pack was finished, he was nauseous. He beged my father to stop. If somebody took pictures of my father lighting a cigarette for my brother, they would interpret it as my father was teaching my brother to smoke. And if it was published in the Facebook if there was already one, my father would be condemned as bad father. Buti na lang walang Facebook. Pero msy mga pakialamera na rin. 

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