Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Headlines without the head

Dear insansapinas,

There is a tabloid-like daily which publishes news over and over again. They just changed the viewpoints and used the same article. Lahat na yata ng kamag-anak, kaibigan, katrabaho ay binabanggit na, iniinterview na kulang na lang pati aso at pusa ay isama. Wala na ba silang maibalita?

1.Abad: No politics in strict pork barrel rules-

Bakit kaya feeling ko, gusto kong bunutin lahat ang aking kilay?

                         2. Girl in skimpy shorts poses in front of cross, sparks outrage.
A priest mentioned about Mary Magdalene to defend the tourist. (Is she  a tourist? if she is a  she should know that there are stuff in the foreign countries that ought to be respected or else...
Besides, it was not Mary Magdalene who was spared by Jesus from stoning. It was a an adulteress.

I do not care, if one does not believe in God. I do not care if she does not believe in hell but she should be respectful on what others believe in. The word is not Mary Magdalene. The word is RESPECT.


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