Monday, April 16, 2012

My First Lecture

Dear insansapinas,

I was rejected the first time I applied to teach. The other applicant who was my friend was attractive and I suspected that the dean my have been  smitten by her charm. (sourgrape pa ako). So I decided to practice my profession for two years. A disappointing experience in the industry made me consider the academe. I applied in one university and without me having to stage a demo, I was accepted  by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. That gave me the guts to apply in the  university where I applied the first time. I was taken in. I guessed it was because of my enhanced resumes brought about by my two-year experience in the industry. Saka babae yong presidente. (Weno?)

My problem was the first university that took me in first. But before I could even muster my courage to decline the teaching position, my problem was solved without having to concoct a white lie that I was going back to my practice. (Liar), the old man breathed his last . He died.

The dean called for a meeting to distribute the teaching loads. If you are the newbie, expect to get the subjects which (a) have no books available as texts (b) the topics are difficult to explain (c) the schedule of the class either makes you wake up before the angels are already awake or the anghel na mababa ang lipad ay nakakalat na sa kalye.

The senior faculty members are just waiting for you to make boboos and laugh when you do.

It is easier to teach management, marketing, economic and other non-quantitave subjects. The lecturers may just require the students to report. O di va, kunti ang trabaho. Not for accounting  subjects. Either the students solve the problem or the teacher presents the solution. Contrary to the belief of some, not all book publishers provide solutions. I solved them myself  right in my textbook. So my books had a lot of notes. It would be a disaster if I lose the book and a student finds it. 

Many a time, I prepared my own problems especially if they were meant for quizzes.

Oh I forgot, my title is MY FIRST LECTURE so I will tell you my experience of my first lecture.

I was about to introduce myself when the building swayed. LINDOL. And they all ran outside. There was one student who directed the traffic in that third floor. I went home early. Sayang, handa pa naman sana ako. 


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