Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turo, Turo, Tourism

The Philippines' tourist arrivals  of 3.5 million last year was  one of the lowest among Asian nations. Malaysia had 34.6 million; Thailand, 15.8; Singapore,  11.5 million and Indonesia, seven million. Vietnam received 5 million tourists in the same period.

Nasaan na ang chickenjoy? Nasaan na ang claim na promoting tourism is just like selling chicken joy? 

According to the news, the Department of Tourism would like to make the Philippines a haven of divorcees? Bakeeet? 
Ito ang explanation ng DOT.
MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines as a divorcee haven? In an effort to lure more long-staying tourists in the country, the Department of Tourism (DOT) is developing the Philippines as a destination for divorcees or those trying to recover from broken relationships.
Tourism Assistant Secretary Domingo Ramon Enerio III said those running away from domestic turmoil are among the target markets of the DOT for its long-stay tourism program.
“At this time, the Philippines is among the few remaining countries that still prohibit divorce, so we think this is a big market that we hope to tap,” he said. “If we can be a wedding or honeymoon destination, we can be vice versa and become a destination for those in search of personal fulfillment, including those… in flight from domestic turmoil,” he added.
He said the Philippines can offer both relaxation and adventure to these tourists.

Pakigulo nga ang utak ko. Pakigising. Tulog eh. Hindi ko makita ang logic kung anong meron sa Pinas para magtakbuhan ang mga divorcees dito.  Do I have to read between the lines, under the lines or over the lines ? 

Sinabi pa nila na dinidevelop nilang maging retirement haven ang Pilipinas para sa mga Pinoy na nagbago na ng citizenship.

Pagnagstay sila Pinas, hindi na sila tourists, permanent residents na sila. 


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