Monday, November 07, 2011

The Family Tree

Dear insansapinas,
I remember when our aunt used to visit us (RIP) from the boondocks. She was the sister of my late father. They were eight in all and since my father was the youngest, all of our cousins were already old while we were still in our diapers. The ones we met were our nephews and nieces who were older than us by decades.

What I can remember during the first visit was I awoke screaming thinking that there was "tiyanak" in our living room. That was just a big, big pineapple which was "pasalubong" for us "flatlanders" by our relatives who we met for the first time. They could not come inside the house so they passed the night in our balcony after depositing the pineapple just below our window. Ngiii.

Our niece was then 18 years old while I was four. She was 6' 2" while I was 2' 6". When she slept in our bed, my father joked that he had to cut off a portion of her legs so that they would not be swinging and trip someone who happened to walk nearby.

When there was a public dance in the plaza, she became a big wallflower. Nobody would like to dance with her. Mas malaki pa sa sunflower. Kasi raw hindi nila maabot ang hips. hehehe. Even my nephew who was given a title Aswang buster (he always wore a piece of garlic in his neck) would not like to dance with her. That was my first and last time to see them both, not because there was a family grudge or something but she may have married and could no longer travel as much as she wanted to. And then we moved to the city.
I never even remember their names. And that's the problem of making a family tree. 

But for a celebrity clan like Revilla/Bautista, I am surprised that there were branches that were totally cut off from the main tree. 

The blue rectangles show the children of Ramon Revilla to Asucena Mortel. They are Marlon Revilla who is married to Gigi dela riva with four daughters, namely, Colleen, Ceejay, Catcat and Camille; Bong Revilla who is married to Lani Mercado with children, Jolo, Bryan, Ina, Gianna, Ram and Lodette; Rowena, married to Pedro Boyet Mendiola with children, Cheska, Mica and Joshua; Rebecca,(Princess) married to Greg Ocampo with three children, Anton, Luigi and Angelica; Edwin "Strike" with one child, Justin Joaquin Bautista; Andea, single and Lovely Diane, single.  

Where is the first family of Ramon Revilla Sr., the mother of Jose Bautista Jr. and Evelyn Bautista-Jaworski--the wife of Robert Jaworski. She is very much older than Bong Revilla and his siblings.They have a son, Dodot Jaworski, the husband of Mikee Cojuangco.

Azucena Mortel was the second wife who died in 1998 at the same time that Ram Revilla was just ten years old.

Genelyn was twenty years old at that time they started living in together ...

and produced nine children.

But why they did not get married? Ramon Revilla Sr. is a widower and Genelyn is single? Is there a problem?


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